Russian Scientists – Clean Nuclear Process – Global Implications [Videos]

Preface by Brian Porter | TLB Contributor and Radio/TV host | Compiled by TLB Staff

Russian scientists  have found a way to process nuclear waste and at the same time produce energy.  Is this why Russia is expanding it’s Nuclear Programs world wide?… to take advantage of this new technology?

The group of scientists/researchers have their process filed under a Russian Patient. They make it very plain in their presentations that they want to proceed with their project funded only by Private Funding and without Government involvement.

In the short Video below they reach out to the Global Community with their story and search for partners to expand their programs:

Video credit: Vladislav Karabanov

From BT Isotopes:

“Authors of the invention developed an industrial method of biochemical elements transmutation. That is, the artificial obtaining of certain chemical elements and their isotopes from other chemical elements with biochemical method. Without need of the reactors, cyclotrons, without use of enriched Uranium, heavy water, etc. Safe for environment and personnel. The method is possible to use for 100% deactivation of nuclear waste.

The method and the results are verified and confirmed by hundreds of tests on modern equipment. Analyses were carried out by independent experts – chemists – analysts, professors. Acts of analyzes available. The results are patented by Russian Patent Department, patent RU 2563511 dated 25 August 2015.

We have conducted more than 2000 experiments, and got stable results.

The method leads to obtaining various valuable and most valuable elements and isotopes, demanded in energy, medicine, industry. Among them Francium, Radium, Actinium, Protactinium, Americium, Berkelium, Californium, and various other isotopes. All of them in convenient form, favorable for separation and purification. Technology is ready for immediate industrial application. Our research was conducted with private money and the technology is 100% owned by the group. We can obtain these elements not in milligrams as in traditional method, but in hundreds of grams and even a Kilograms. Safe and extremely cost effective.

As a source of raw materials, simple elements such as uranium, thorium ore, other ores or radioactive nuclear waste.

The presented invention provides access to new sources of energy and medicines. It will give impulse to the development is spheres such as energy, industry, medicine, space exploration and inaccessible areas of the earth and the oceans.”

Read more and download PDF-Click here

View Press Conference-Click here (at page Click on “Watch Again”) Additional information about the group can also be found here. (Translation selection is in the upper right corner)


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  1. This is awesome news, but our country would adopt the program, it might save lives just the opposite of their agenda. Never thought it would be safer to live in Russia…

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