Sadiq Khan And Obama Moving To Create New Internet Sharia Law

by Martin Walsh

obama_angry_pointingObama Speaking About The New Legislation He Is Eager To Pass

President Obama and London’s Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan, have publically announced that they will begin to institute a global law that will prosecute anyone that uses any anti-Muslim rhetoric or is hateful to Muslims online. The London mayor’s office for policing and crime (Mopac) will spend £1,730,726 of taxpayer’s money policing speech online after applying for a huge grant from the Home Office Police Innovation Fund (PIF), it was announced in a statement.

This legislation was the top priority for London’s first Muslim mayor when he won election, and he now has the full support of Obama as they will begin initiating a global law firm to prosecute those speaking negatively about Muslims. Aside from mentioning how badly this tramples on Americans Constitutional rights to free speech, we are yet to know exactly how much this will cost taxpayers, as well.

Khan Insinuating That Anti-Muslim Speech Will be Prosecuted To The Fullest Extent Of The Law

Khan [pictured here] argues that the purpose of the legislation will be to strengthen police and community response to this crime, but he has absolutely no regard for the rights of the people–much like Obama. Khan is essentially saying that you do have free speech, but you cannot exercise it against Muslims or Islam. In May of 2015, the EU announced that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft have agreed to provide services in multiple countries to ban anti-Muslim speech.

Obama’s connection to Khan, at this moment, is unknown, but we do know they both have strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood have already been thoroughly expounded upon. Khan, however, has a long history of being friendly with radical Islamists, supporting the 9/11 attacks, and being an open supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama and Khan’s plan has gained serious traction already in the United States and in London. In the United States, we continue to see that Obama’s administration argues Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, they refuse to say “radical Islamic terrorism,” and Loretta Lynch has indicated any attacks (verbal or physical) against Muslims will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

muslimsprotest insertMuslims Have Already Begun Their Takeover Of London, Government Squares Now Praying Grounds
In London, Khan has made it his top priority to import as many Muslims into London as he possibly can. Not only has he been fighting with Parliament to accept hundreds of thousands of refugees, and now he is using this online Sharia law legislation to spread Islam throughout Europe and globally with the help of Obama.

Reports also indicate that Khan has allocated more than $2 million to create a new initiative called the “Home Office Police Innovation Fund.” This “Fund” is a covert way to allow police more  jurisdiction to police and carry out his illegal anti-Muslim laws. The goal of Khan is to create a giant apparatus with taxpayer funds to monitor the internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week to prosecute anyone speaking ill of Muslims and Islam.

Liberals argue that this could never happen inside the United States, but the Clinton campaign has indicated that they agree with the Presidents proposal to “make Muslims feel safe in this [United States] country.” So if she wins this election in November, we will not only have more than 100,000 refugees brought into this country annually, we will also not be allowed to voice our opinions any longer about Islam, Sharia, or Muslims.

Remember when the United States had to get involved in World War II to stop Hitler from spreading his global hateful ideology and mass genocide? This is the exact same thing. The United States must stand up, lead, and remove this hateful disease from expanding across the globe and taking over countries. Europe is being destroyed by Muslims and Islam, and so is Germany, Russia, and many neighboring nations. We cannot allow this to blossom and take over inside the United States.

muslims_pray_capitolThe New “Normal” In The United States If Hillary Wins This Election

Now we are clearly seeing Obama and Sadiq’s hidden agenda. They have links to the Muslim Brotherhood, and now they are using their platform to spread Islam while banning everyone from saying anything negatively about it on the internet. Imagine what our Founding Fathers would say about what is happening today with our civil liberties being trampled on.

Sadiq and Obama jointly stated that: “By establishing this new standard we are working to combat the hate crime against all Muslims so that we can all live peacefully together.” The piece of legislation they are reviving is from 2003, and is part of Section 127 of the Communications Act of 2003. If you’re hoping Congress can stop Obama, think again. He will use Executive Powers to sign this into law, and there will be nothing we can do about it then.

Let this serve as another reason why we must win this election. Even though the law has yet to be initiated and commanded down to authorities, Hillary Clinton can finish what Obama started. If she wins, we will never have the right to say what we want on the Internet. Our First Amendment will be eliminated, and we will be forced to live with this dictatorship.

Spread this message to show everyone how important this election will be. Trump truly is the only person that can save this great nation before it really is too late. We need change now more than ever, and we need everyone to come together and do their part. Because if we wait, and allow these atrocious actions to take hold, we will never be the United States of America again.



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About the author:

Martin Walsh is a Senior Writer for Conservative Daily Post that focuses on strengthening the conservative movement. Martin provides a strong patriotic voice to political analysis that is grounded in conservative principals.He is also an adjunct professor where he teaches and specializes in American Politics and Foreign Policy. Martin possesses a Bachelors and Masters degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in international relations.Martin resides outside of Memphis, TN with his wife and golden retriever, and is extremely passionate about his Ole Miss Rebels.


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  1. They want to make it a crime. Obama can do it by Exec. Order. Remember they are working with International Law. All they need is for the U.N. to say… OK.

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