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Introduction by Mary Carmel (TLB)

Recently on the Caravan To Midnight show, host John B. Wells interviewed Norbert Heuser about the blatant dangers of cell phones and WIFI, the numbers were astonishing, much higher than the body can even tolerate. Mr. Heuser discussed a product that uses Pico – technology and it can counteract the enormous overload of Nano – technology that we are being exposed to. I have provided information from his website, 13 years of research, resulting in the a product that provides safety from these dangers. Please heed his warnings! The cell phone industry is not going to admit how much danger you are being exposed to. This new technology provides a remedy that is healthy for you as well. MC




Norbert Heuser

Cell Phones In General

Mobile phones are very convenient and it is very difficult in our society to live and to work without them. However, not everything in our society and in everyday life which comes in handy is necessarily good for you or healthy! For example: Fast food, sugary drinks, cell phones, microwave ovens, processed foods, snack-foods, WiFi, etc.

It is absolutely not “smart” that we work with these so called smart phones. The industry wants to allow you to believe that these devices are “smart”, as well as the consumer who uses them. If you were to launch a new brand of cigarettes and call them, “Smart Cigarettes”, that still would not make smoking healthier or the smoker more intelligent.

Cell phones are a huge multi billion dollar business. At this moment there may be 7-8 billion cell phones registered on the planet, greater than the world’s population! And the numbers are ever increasing. No provider or mobile phone manufacturer had ever to prove to the health department or any governmental authority that using a cell phone is safe. Because it is NOT SAFE! These companies maximize profits regardless of the health damage and risks to their customers.

In 10 – 20 years our children will ask, “Why were you so stupid to believe that?”

Cell phones are so dangerous that their use over the next 5 to 10 years possibly may cost the lives of millions of people, due to extremely painful conditions such as brain cancer. The newer the phone – the stronger the signal, and the bigger and faster will be the potential damage to your health.

A mobile phone works on the exact same wavelength as a microwave oven. The average use of a mobile phone in a month is roughly equivalent to sticking your head in the microwave for 1 hour on the highest setting, and pushing start. Who would consciously do such a crazy thing? Hopefully no one is stupid enough to kill themselves so horribly, however you probably do not know that you threaten your health in such a way every single time you use the cell phone.

Let’s be clear. Cellphone providers know what they are doing. They have executed many secret experiments, like using pigs to find out how deep the EMF Electro Magnetic Fields, penetrate into their skulls. They lightly mention a possible health risk but it is deeply buried in their literature. For example: The operating manual for the iPhone 6 is196 pages long.

On page 184 you may find a small a cross reference and an obscure link that takes you off site. (If you would ever go that deep into the manual). It would seem as though they seek to protect themselves from any possible future lawsuits by suggesting you hold the phone away from your body when carrying it and making a call in order not to have a direct contact with your skin! See appendix for details.

A cell phone needs an EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) to make it work. Without an EMF you cannot make or receive any calls or data transfers.

Those who advertise and promise that sticking certain products to your cell phone for example will handle the EMF (claiming to stop or to reduce EMF) are talking and selling nonsense.

If a company tells you that attaching their sticky dot to one side of your cell phone will stop the EMF, then they would be misleading the customer. If the cell phone does not receive enough ”juice” via EMF, it will simply pull the EMF needed from the OTHER side of your phone. That could mean even more EMF into your head!

To be in good health a person should never be exposed to more than 120 millivolts of EMF. Just using your cell phone can increase these levels to 2000 millivolts or even higher.

The IPC SafestCellPhoneTM, takes a completely different approach to handling the harmful EMF problem. Now, thanks to the EuphoriaTechnologyTM which IPC developed over the last 13 years, harmful EMF is converted to a type of frequency that now benefits your health.

A conversion of evil to good, from a Saul to a Paul.

How to Handle the Danger of a Cellphone


How Does Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing Work?


The Basics


euphoriamovieThe modern world is fascinated by the constant progression of technology that each day expands the boundaries of our limitations, giving us a new insight to the past and also to the future. Technology is developing faster and faster in many areas of life. The technicians at IPC believe that the development of the strongest life improvement technology should evolve from the study of Mother Nature.

IPC has invented a new and amazing technology which is named Euphoria Technology™ . This completely new and unique technology development simply has no comparison or competition on the planet from any individual or company. This condition of an aligned PVA field which Euphoria Technology™ creates is a phenomenon which rarely occurs in the natural world. There are only a handful of locations on earth where a PVA Field is naturally present.  In these few and select locations all living things thrive healthily and abundantly. In these “phenomenal” areas the PVA Field presence is uncontrolled, inconsistent, and subject to tectonic activity. This makes any naturally occurring PVA Field completely unreliable for any industrial use. The beauty of Euphoria Technology™ is the ability to generate a PVA Field that is both capably designed and stable upon activation. This has opened up a vast range of application possibilities and has enabled IPC to explore potential uses in many different areas, with no negative side effect ever being reported.

IPC products do not contain any materials or substances that are radioactive, toxic or corrosive, which means they are completely sustainable and safe to use.

Although there are many individuals and companies working on improving the life on this planet, Euphoria Technology™ reliably supports the development and protection of nature’s most valuable creation –  humanity.

13 years ago IPC began to develop Euphoria Technology™ using the platform of quantum 

physics to realign extremely small particles and control the phase of natural particle vibration. 

An atom has 3 main components – Protons, Electrons and Neutrons. Inside the atom protons and electrons move randomly. The Euphoria Technology™ aligns the vibration and movement of protons and electrons from an uncontrolled movement into an aligned movement in a PVA Field (Proton Vibration Alignment).  

It is a change from the condition of chaos into harmony. In this new state of alignment the structure, efficiency, and quality of the atom is fundamentally enhanced. Within limits which are continuously expanding, IPC can control the duration, strength, and space of this improvement. 

Euphoria Technology™ is based on quantum mechanics operating on the scale of pico technology. Most of the world’s scientists and companies are working with NANO technology. However IPC works on the level of PICO technology, which is much more efficient, refined, complex, and 1000 times smaller than NANO technology.

All areas of life can be improved because everything on the planet shares the common denominator which is that their existence, performance, and natural properties are all based on atoms.

Euphoria Technology™ was first applied in the field of medical imagery to improve the resolution of ultrasonic scanning and since has been restructured by IPC to develop and commercialize a range of products to make the best use of its unique technology.

This new Euphoria Technology™ invented by IPC is an extremely effective and successful technology. It is a completely new approach for which there is no comparison anywhere. It has been successfully applied to products in many different industries.

Since Euphoria Technology™ controls the behavior of extremely small and basic particles such as protons and electrons in the atom, this makes the range of applications incredibly unlimited. It can be effectively applied to handle among others: harmful EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) and managing the actual problems with cell phones, improving the microblood circulation in our bodies, pain removal, sleep enhancement, imaging and video resolution enrichment, improving acoustic performance of audio equipment, speeding up enzymatic activities, improving combustion efficiency in all types of engines resulting in reduced fuel consumption and reduced harmful emission while increasing horsepower and torque, enhancing animal and plant growth, doubling the shelf life of food, speeding up sewage treatment, lowering the cost of bio-fuel production, improving drug absorption, strengthening the taste and smell of food, increasing the nutrient value of fruit, improving the potency of nutrition and nutritional supplements, improving the sound of musical instruments, improving skin condition, and more.


Nano-Technology versus Pico-Technology

While Nano-Technology is known and accepted by scientists and the various industries as the most advanced micro technology, IPC works on the level of Pico-

Technology. Hardly anyone knows that this technology exists, and in fact there are only a few people who have even heard the term PICO-Technology.

PICO refers to the manipulation of matter on the scale of trillionths of a meter (1012), which is 1000 times smaller than a nanometer (109), and is much more advanced than traditional Nano-Technology. Individual atoms range in size from ten to hundreds of picometers. As a proton is of an equally charged state to that of an electron, the aligning of positively charged protons also aligns equally the negatively charged electrons. The natural properties of all existing matter are enhanced through this re-alignment process.

To this point Nano-Technology has represented the smallest particles one can work with. Nano = 1 billionth of a meter 10-9 

However IPC works with Pico-Technology which is 1000 times smaller than Nano Technology. Pico = 1 trillionth of a meter 10-12  

This is QUANTUM PHYSICS at its finest. 

Quantum Physics knows no time or space.


Norbert Heuser

norbertNorbert Heuser. born 1951 in Germany, spent most of his life between his residence in Germany

and Asia in particular Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Formerly married to a Chinese lady and working with and among Chinese for the past 35 years he had a deeper look into the culture and life style, than a regular Western person could possibly have. It is there he was introduced to Chinese Medicine and established his nowadays main business.

Norbert has successfully built various businesses in his career and left a few years back his company he had founded in China.

Norbert visited and worked in many countries around the globe such as Germany, USA, Canada, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland, England, Sweden, Check Republic, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Spain, Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, Togo, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore,Taiwan, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Japan, USA, Korea and Mexico.

Norbert left the classical education system after High School, never went to University or College. He considers it good luck that he never visited University as life out there and people he met on his path gave him all the knowledge he needed and he never had to sell his soul to any faculty.

Norbert started to work at the age of 17. He became the youngest management consultant in Germany at the age of 23. Since that time he has been self employed only.

At the age of 30 Norbert got in touch with alternative medicine which is his biggest passion throughout his life apart from arts in general and music in particular.

While German is his native tongue Norbert is fighting with the English and French language as well.

In the year 2000 Norbert decided to move his primarily residence to Florida, USA where he lives with his wife Dominique, his 2 daugthers Jalmise and Isabella and his 2 grandsons Elijah and Jadyn.

Norbert still alternates between Europe and Hong Kong and gives workshops around the globe on subjects covered in this book and more.






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