Sallie O. Elkordy Is Anti-Vaccine Activism At It’s Best: Special Event

Sallie O. Elkordy for NYC Public Advocate

We all are activists on a given issue, but it is in degrees. How loud do we protest? How may people do we interface with on our chosen topic of activism? How hard do we strive to change the future for the betterment of our children and all humanity. TLB is proud to know, partner with and be associated with Sallie Elkordy in any fashion. Here is an individual who lives, breaths and dreams her activism … and that chosen subject is Vaccines.


TLB rants and rails constantly about the evil of vaccines, having published many articles and radio shows speaking to this blight, but Sallie is A REAL BOOTS ON THE GROUND ACTIVIST engaging herself daily in educating and physically influencing her community. From local political involvement to planned events and media, Sallie is one of the most active ACTIVISTS we have ever known and we can not sing her praises loud enough … although we will try!


What we present here is Sallie’s Call To Arms for New York City and indeed the world. Information on her special event is all included below as well as a great discussion we had the privilege to record with her. NYC you are under the gun and your children are being targeted … Sallie has taken up the sword for you … will you let her march alone ???


TLB ICON 01TLB: Please click on this TLB Logo to listen to a discussion recorded by Roger Landry (TLB)  and Sallie concerning the blight of vaccines and her upcoming event. Sorry about the sound quality but our connection was via phone and is less than perfect … still all is understandable.



DID YOU KNOW that the H1N1 flu shot has been added to the schedule for INFANTS through 5 years unless you HOMESCHOOL? That’s annually! Can you homeschool?

DID YOU KNOW that only 1.2% of children can get an exemption from vaccination in NYC? This is MANDATE for 98.8% of children (which will include YOURS).

DID YOU KNOW that NYC is up to 54 DOSES of vaccines through the age of five? Can you even conceive of this?

Discussion: NYC Vaccination Criteria in Question

DID YOU KNOW that Vaccines are 100% Poison? Everyone in NYC who can determine the fate of our children has received this legislation, formerly titled “BAN VACCINES 2013” and retitled “VACCINE FREE NYC”, so they know!

To your health!, Sallie O. Elkordy for NYC Public Advocate


COME on MAY 15th all New Yorkers!!!

DJ and open mike for Musicians, Comics and Singers for the first hour and GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS for the second. I hope you will join us because there is much to be discussed regarding VACCINES in NYC and these issues must be resolved by the end of JUNE so that parents are FREE to reject vaccines for their children. Continued…  

Since May 15th is also my BIRTHDAY, expect Cake! Address of Nola Studios is 244 W. 54th St. in NYC (btw. Broadway & 8th Ave) on the 10th floor in Studio #2.

Visit my blog for recommended ACTIONS. Start with NYC ACTIONS #1 through #4:

If they can get away with this in NYC, does your town have a chance? Share and warn if you do not live here. This is not only tyrannical, but DANGEROUS! Vaccines cause the diseases (including death) that they are claimed to prevent. This was exposed in 2011. What are we waiting for? NYC ~ CALL TO ACTION!

Libertyfest NYC 4 Sallie Elkordy

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