Science for Sale, The Autism War, and The Vaccine Court

Dr. David Lewis
Dr. David Lewis

Please listen to this presentation as Dr. David Lewis discusses his book Science for Sale on Teri Arranga’s show.

An excerpt from Dr. Lewis: “…what has been neglected in this debate largely is the overshadowing role that the federal government plays – is something that President Eisenhower actually warned about when he left office. He talked about how the federal government was beginning to put so much funding into universities to do studies that the government was interested in the outcome that that eventually was going to create a situation where science would be largely controlled by the federal government. And, so, having worked as a government scientist myself for over 30 years, I saw this developing within the US Environmental Protection Agency. I also saw it as I interacted with the CDC in Atlanta and other federal agencies such as the Department of Agriculture.

There has been an evolution of government intervention in science over the last 30 years that I think clearly has reached the stage that President Eisenhower warned about – that is, much of what you read in the scientific literature that has been funded by the federal government — some agency – is actually engineered to produce results that support certain government policies and industry practices, and that is an area that is heavily impacting research on autism, which is really why I wrote this book.”

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