Sanctuary LaRaza-Friendly City Council Orders Patriot Removed – So He Fires Back

Sanctuary LaRaza-Friendly City Council Orders Patriot Removed – So He Fires Back

by Rick Wells

Sanctuary city Huntington Park’s city council is targeting American patriots for removal from their proceedings. Patriots revealing what they’re doing could be a…

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The sanctuary state of California is now moving to silence those who challenge their criminal actions through the blatant abuse of their power, declaring incidents to have happened which did not and exceeding reasonable use of authority through by ordering their police departments to act as political thugs.

As the video [below] shows you don’t have to be an American to serve on the Huntington Park City Council nor to influence decisions or testify in their meetings. Non-English speakers, most of whom are likely illegal aliens, are allowed to address the council in Spanish. It’s Latino first, America second as LaRaza and their ilk continue their push to takeover California.

However, if you’re an American patriot, as Arthur Schaper is, you’re not only not allowed to speak, you’re ushered out of the room through the abusive collaboration of the mayor and the police chief. Pro-American views and policies have no place in Huntington Park or much of California.

Schaper has since had two court dates and both times he was not on the docket. Perhaps they’re using illegal alien labor from their local and they’re not literate in English and incapable of matching the files to the calendar. More likely they’re messing with him, and again using the judiciary as a weapon against the American people.

But two can play the game that the globalists have been using to wage their war against the American people and Schaper seems to have hit upon something that may just put the shoe on the other foot. He’s filed a civil rights suit in small claims court.

Schaper is quoted in the video as stating, “I have officially filed a small claims action against the City of Huntington Park for false arrest, violation of my civil rights, emotional distress, defamation of character and harassment.”

These sleaze balls in the sanctuary city government don’t want the rest of us knowing what they’re up to and they have to keep patriots out of the way in order to operate freely. Today it’s Schaper, tomorrow it’ll be someone else until they’ve got the “legal authority” to conduct one-sided anti-American meetings through unhindered.

Schaper and Gary Galino, the narrator, encourage others in sanctuary districts to do the same thing when their rights are violated. It might be just the ticket to even the playing field that is severely slanted against Americans and in favor of the deep-pocketed pro-invader globalist operatives in power.

Having said that, it’s still an issue of an often corrupt judiciary making the decision, but not every judge is an Obama or Clinton appointee and some might even be patriots. There’s only one way to find out and at that point, there’s nothing much to lose.


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