Saudi Media Attacks JASTA Which Allows Victims to Sue Sponsors of Terrorism

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

This now makes the second nation threatening to use this new law to extract revenge from rampant US imperialism … only the butt hurt Saudi’s who are directly in the cross-hairs of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, or JASTA, are promising to take it to an extreme by threatening to assist all who would use this new law against the US.

The following is an updated excerpt from the preface written for the article Iraqis Use ‘Sue the Saudis’ 9/11 Bill to Sue US for 2003 Invasion and it could not have been more spot on.

Please read the article at the above link if you need to play catch up on this unfolding scenario, otherwise continue reading …

Whether you believe in the governments narrative as to the happenings of September 11, 2001 or not (it has been proven by thorough scientific means that poorly trained Saudi pilots, al-qaeda, or Osama bin laden, could not have brought the towers down), and Saudi Arabia’s (supposed) involvement, Congress has just given every nation we have ever perpetrated imperialism or tyranny against (many) a tool to strike back at America … and hard!

The first suit against Saudi Arabia for 9/11 damages has already been filed in a Washington D.C. court on behalf of Stephanie Ross DeSimone, her 14 year old daughter, Alexandra, and her husband’s estate. The suit alleges that:

“At all material times, Saudi Arabia, through its officials, officers, agents and employees, provided material support and resources to Osama bin Laden (“bin Laden”) and Al Qaeda.”

Now can you see where this is going? How long will it be before our ally (???) Saudi Arabia, under the onslaught of possibly thousands legal actions, steps up to tell the world what it knows about the REALITY of 9/11 … Not the LIES we are still being told fifteen years later.

A whole new can of worms has just been opened on American Imperialism and Lies! What you are about to read signifies the second chapter in what will surely be a flood of litigation that will be initiated by every nation on this planet that feels (most justifiably) the the US and its eight hundred pound gorilla (US Military) has perpetrated unjust and illegal encroachment on its sovereignty … and the Saudi’s, feeling betrayed, are stirring the pot!

The sheer volume of prospective litigants is mind bending … this is in fact what Obama feared, and for once he was correct … not in his actions to veto the JASTA bill, but in its perceived ramifications.

Is this inevitable backwash of litigation as a result of JASTA justified? Many (including myself) would say yes! But who will pay the price in these many coming legal battles … surely NOT those who perpetrated these horrendous imperialistic actions for their own criminal gains.

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Saudi Media Launches Attack on 9/11 Law That Allows Victims to Sue

By: Sputnik

In a controversial decision, US lawmakers voted to overturn President Barack Obama’s veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA). The legislation allows US citizens to sue foreign governments believed to be involved in terrorist activities on US soil.

Among the bill’s chief opponents was the Saudi government. Now that the bill is law, Riyadh’s newsrooms are having a field day.

“The Saudi press published dozens of articles condemning the law, warning about Saudi reactions to it and its political and economic ramifications for Saudi-US relations, and presenting various Saudi options to counter it,” said Steven Stalinsky, director of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), according to the Washington Times.

These options include “establishing a Gulf lobby in the US; aiding in the filing of lawsuits against the US around the world; ending Saudi-US security coordination; ending the setting of oil prices in dollars; establishing an independent Saudi weapons industry, similar to the Iranian nuclear program, as a means of pressuring the US; and more.”

In an editorial written for newspaper Al-Riyadh, journalist Abdalla Al-Nasser suggests that the US has no right to criticize Saudi Arabia, given Washington’s disregard for international law. The law could be used to allow victims of US abuse to sue, as well.

“The US, which purports to respect human rights, international law and UN regulations, is the first to violate and ignore them,” he wrote.

“The US, with its mentality of arming itself, works to establish its global empire, and to this end uses all methods of violent takeover of the peoples of the earth, particularly the Middle East.

“The US [first] creates terrorism and then exterminates peoples in the name of the struggle against it. These forms of abuse, violent takeover, deception, and crime are elements of the American identity.”

A separate columnist points out America’s actions in Japan.

“The US killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese when it deliberately incinerated Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” Adel Al-Harbi wrote.

“Don’t their families have the right to sue the murderers? Doesn’t Vietnam have the right to sue those responsible for killing over 1 million Vietnamese over a period of 13 years?”

Stalinsky points out that these newspapers are owned by the Saudi government, indicating that these are harsh accusations from one of America’s principal allies.

“These are all government-controlled,” he added. “They will never write anything critical of the Saudi government, royal family. If they have a disagreement with any of the papers, they will fire the editor or writer.”

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