Whistleblower Talks Of A Potential Military Coup In The US

US Whistleblower

TLB Preface:

We offer you the following audio in a subjective fashion. Please read and listen.

Some basic things everybody reading or listening to this type of information can agree on is … America is in trouble, the world is in trouble … hell humanity itself is in serious trouble, from an elite caste who feel it is their right or station to control and subjugate humanity for their personal goals. We are nothing but cattle in their perspective to be controlled and even culled if necessary to maintain that control. But there does not seem to be anyone with the inclination, power, authority or position necessary to push back against or alleviate these destructive forces.

What if there actually is?

What if a plan has been in the works for decades, facilitated by military and civilian leaders of morality to, when the time is right, take back America for We The People and put this once great nation back on its intended path. And not just for America, but in fact the world! Sounds like a fairy tale right … but what if it is not …

So you haven’t heard anything (or anything of substance) about this. Obviously this could not be common knowledge, because to be effective, stealth would be required up to the time that actions are initiated.

We at TLB have no way to verify the information that you are about to listen to … But what if this is true? What if there are those among us who, over the last several decades have worked to facilitate a plan to rescue humanity from the clutches of evil tyrants or global oligarchs.

Yea we know, it does sound like a fairy tale. White Knights riding over the hill in the nick of time to slay the evil dragon and save us all is something for a child’s bedtime story … but again … what if it is true? Please listen and decide for yourself.


New Whistleblower Talks Of A Potential Military Coup In The United States

New whistleblower talks about the potential for a military coup in the United States. This whistleblower is saying that people at the highest level in the US Government have been planning to take back the country! It is a very revealing interview and lets hope there is some truth in this.


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