by Rick Wells

AG Sessions and the FBI are hiding FOIA evidence about the DNC server for an additional 7 months beyond the date it was first promised, until after the midterms…

As with seemingly everything that involves the FBI, DOJ or Intelligence agencies, they claim a privilege of operating beyond the reach of the American people, including to a large degree, Congress, and when they are pressed for compliance, do so only begrudgingly, at the last possible moment, and to the minimum extent possible.

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The same is true for their political comrades in the Democratic Party. They even pay substantial amounts of money to keep the knowledge of their corruption private, with the DNC paying third party contractor CrowdStrike $521,000 to analyze their supposedly hacked server, something the FBI would have gladly done free of charge.

The FBI also paid CrowdStrike $150,000 in July of 2015, in what was supposedly an unrelated expenditure. That’s over 2/3 of a million bucks for secret services which Democrats could have obtained for no charge, if they didn’t feel the need to prevent their actions from being discovered. For a political party in need of funding, wasting almost $700,000 would seem a bit reckless on its face, but we don’t know what they’re hiding.

And the revelations of the interactions between the FBI, CrowdStrike and the DNC related to their server are going to be further delayed by the corrupt individuals running the Trump DOJ and FBI. FOIA requests that were to have been completed and provided to the Free Beacon in March have now been pushed back by the FBI to October. They’ll more likely be delayed until November and after the midterms.

In addition to communications with CrowdStrike, the FOIA request also sought all communications between April 1, 2016, a month before they were hired by the DNC to analyze and act as a cover for what really happened with their server, and July 7, 2017, the day the FOIA request was submitted to the FBI.

Christopher Wray, Rod Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions need to keep the eyes of the American people off of what their deep state employees have been up to in conjunction with the Democrats. Obstructing the flow of information is the surest way to silence manipulate the system with impunity and that’s exactly what they continue to do. Money is no object.


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