Things You Should Know If You’re a Pedestrian Accident Victim

Things You Should Know If You’re a Pedestrian Accident Victim

By TLB Contributing Author: Martin

While walking can be great for your body, it can be equally dangerous. Every year, hundreds of pedestrian accidents happen. No matter how much you are trying to protect yourself, avoid walking near an active roadway, or respect all the crossing rules, you never know when a reckless or drunk driver might put you in a dangerous and unpleasant situation.

You can never be too prepared. Do you know what to do if you are a victim of a pedestrian accident? Do you know who to call and what kind of compensation are you entitled to? Here are the main things you should keep in mind.

First, keep your calm

We know, the shock of being involved in an accident can be overwhelming but do your best to keep your calm. If you are calm, you can better assess the situation you are into and plan your next actions. The natural reaction after a collision is panic and sometimes even anger, especially if the accident was not your fault.

While yelling might definitely help you get rid of the avalanche of emotions you are feeling, be careful at what you’re saying. You risk compromising your claim.

Call the police

As scary as it might be, do not flee the scene. We know you want to get as far away from the accident as soon as possible, but remember to call the police. You might need to fill in a report that will, later on, help you with your insurance company. Also, a police report will preserve important evidence you will need in case of a lawsuit.

Gather as much information as possible from the scene

If your injuries are not critical, gather as much information and proof from the scene as possible. Take photos of the scene, the car, the driver and yourself. Make sure you get the driver’s contact information, insurance, and car plates’ numbers.

Call a pedestrian accident lawyer

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re at fault or not, call one. Most of the lawyers specialized in this kind of situations will offer free consultation until they decide whether you are at fault or not.

If you are not at fault, they will continue and support you along the way, offering you advice on what should be your further actions and how to proceed in case of complications.

Some firms have investigators that can arrive at the place of the accident in no time to establish cause and gather evidence. This can definitely help you in case you’re innocent. It’s good to search for a law firm beforehand, in case you need them for multiple purposes. Knowing who you’re talking to and how they work can ease the process and make communication smoother.

Be aware that, if you are the victim, you might be entitled to some compensation for your pain, medical and recovery bills, or even loss of income. Discuss with your Pedestrian Accident Attorney and together find the best plan of action. Your lawyer will be able to put together a step by step plan that will help you get out of the financial distress.


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