Shock finding: Double mastectomies don’t prevent cancer, scientists discover



By Mike Adams, Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) If you read Natural News long enough, you’ll notice a familiar pattern: The things we proclaim in any given year are immediately attacked… but within five years or less the exact thing we said is confirmed by scientists or medical authorities!

Case in point: We’ve been warning for years about the medical hoax called “preventive double mastectomies” which have been aggressively pushed onto women by cancer surgeons who profit from the useless procedures. Now a scientific study conducted at the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor and led by researcher Sarah Hawley has found that most women who undergo double mastectomies are driven by FEAR, not actual risk, into undergoing the procedures.

To conduct the study, researchers examined data on 1,447 women who were diagnosed with breast cancer (in one breast) and who were given the option of having both breasts surgically removed. The study found that “20 percent of all women in our sample reported that they strongly considered having [double mastectomies]” and that about 8 percent ultimately agreed to do so.

This is on top of another study from 2013 that also found 70 percent of double mastectomies are medically unjustified and pointless.

The truly fascinating finding in this new study is that women who underwent genetic testing for the so-called “breast cancer gene” were 10 times more likely to agree to a double mastectomy regardless of the findings of the genetic test! The mere act of undergoing the test, it turns out, put these women on a path of extreme fear that often led to them caving in to the high-pressure sales tactics of cancer surgeons (who, let’s face it, make more money from performing more surgeries regardless of whether they are medically necessary).

Fear still the best marketing tool for cancer surgeons

As I have repeatedly warned about here on Natural News, cancer doctors routinely exploit fear as a marketing tactic. While they claim their clinics and hospitals are rooted in “science,” in reality their marketing campaigns are rooted in irrational fear. If the science shows a risk, they’ll invoke the science. But if the science shows no risk, they’ll toss the science out the window and resort to emotional exploitation and fear tactics (because that’s what sells!).

Oncologists know if they can scare a woman into a state of panic, she will agree to almost anything, regardless of what the genetic tests say or the lack of cancer risk in their family history. “Women who were very worried were very likely to get the procedure, compared to those who were less worried,” said Hawley. Cancer surgeons, it turns out, are preying upon the medical ignorance of their patients, hoping their lack of medical knowledge will result in them saying “YES” to an unnecessary procedure that does nothing to reduce cancer risk. As the NY Daily News writes: (1) Women may have misunderstandings about their risks and an urge to do everything in their control to lessen the risk, said Dr. Ann Partridge of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. For example, women may think the biggest risk is cancer spreading to their other breast, but the bigger risk is that it will spread to other parts of the body, Partridge, who co-wrote a commentary accompanying the new study, said.

Total abandonment of medical ethics

So why aren’t cancer surgeons refusing to operate when there’s no evidence of risk? An ethical surgeon would obviously say no to the procedure. But that’s rarely what happens in reality.

Surgeons need the business of conducting surgery, so even when they medically know the procedure is useless, they’ll do it anyway!

How’s that for a total abandonment of the Hippocratic Oath? To pad their own pockets, cancer surgeons will permanently maim women and cause immense pain, suffering and disfigurement.

The state medical boards, by the way, fully endorse this unethical practice because it means more money for “the business of medicine!”

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  1. I’m sorry I didn’t see anything on the statistical probability of breast cancer on whole breasts vs preventative mastectomy tissue. Could you leed me to that report?

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