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No, I’m not asking for donations.  The money that big pharma is using to push their vaccine agenda is becoming very apparent & a few articles came to light recently that blatantly shows this.

So, lets take a look at Dr. Paul Offit to start.  Whenever you see a story on vaccines on TV, this is the first person that you see.  Rarely do you get the other side of the argument but if you do hear the other side, if you do they don’t get nearly the same amount of air time as Dr. Offit does.

So, how much money does Dr. Offit get paid to promote vaccines?  2 words – too much.  He holds a $1.5 million dollar research chair at Children’s Hospital in Philly which is funded by Merck.  He holds a patent on an anti-diarrhea vaccine, developed by Merck for which the future royalties were sold for over $180 million.  Dr. Offit’s share – unknown.  Dr. Offit is also a consultant for Merck.

Merck pays $3.5 million per year to have a Lifetime of Vaccines web page on their website.

Vaccines[1]Merck also used their influence to make sure a bill was passed in the State of California that a child could get vaccines without the consent of their parents.  A student could even get the Gardisil shot.  Merck paid 25 different lawmakers varying amounts of money.  (again, Merck comes into play)

Not too long ago, the Institute of Medicine came out & said that the current vaccination schedule is safe for our children that are receiving them.  Most would read through this article and not give it a second thought.  But a more careful read will show “the bottom line.”

“In this most comprehensive examination of the immunization schedule to date, the IOM committee uncovered no evidence of major safety concerns associated with adherence to the childhood immunization schedule, which should help to reassure a diverse group of stakeholders,” according to the report.

Let take a look at how the immunization schedule is set up.  There is an advisory committee to the CDC that sets up the schedule, as to how many vaccines and when.  Most of the people on this advisory committee are shareholders in pharmaceutical companies. So the more money that the pharmaceuticals companies make, the more money they make.  The members of this committee are supposed to fill out forms that shows their vested interests but most of the time this section isn’t filled out &
no questions are asked.

VaccineSo, big pharma wants to start “vaccinations” on infants as soon as they are born & have us continue throughout our lifetime.  Lifelong customers is what you’ll hear from a lot of retail stores, I don’t think big pharma is any different.

Like I’ve said before, there is time & place for doctors & medicine.  How many of you growing up were taken to the clinic every 2 months?  Ask your parents, I’m going to guess you weren’t.  I remember going every year thru age 10 and then I only went as needed.  I mainly visited specialists for a few years because of severe allergies & migraines.  A chiropracter that I talked to once said that the stress of losing my dad when I was 7 made my immune system go “tilt” and go bonkers for awhile which may have caused a lot of my health issues when I was younger.  I still have some issues but have managed to overcome a great deal of them thru natural healing.

You have the power to heal yourself, don’t ask permission when none is required.


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