Six Month Old Baby Left Brain Damaged After Receiving 8 Vaccine Doses

Preface by Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

People I am begging you not to vaccinate! Vaccine injury does not discriminate and it can and does happen to people of all ages. This is why we have to educate every man, woman, and child. This is why we have to encourage everyone to refuse any vaccine offered or forced upon them. I am angry as hell right now, and I feel sick because the non vax / anti vax movement is NOT going far enough! As non vaxers we have to risk it all and stop worrying about offending those who already think we are crazy! No war was ever won by bowing down to the wants of the oppressor. This is a very real war and human health is the casualty. Until we move from talking about vaccine injury online to taking real world action on a daily basis and risking it all we are only going to make baby steps and the vaccine injuries and deaths are are going to continue to be an epidemic! We have a duty to educate others and to move this fight into the streets. As a non vaxer and a victim of vaccine injury I will not be happy until we are protesting vaccine clinics on a daily basis and doing our best to protect every man, woman, and child from harm. (CW)


Six Month Old Baby Left Brain Damaged After Receiving 8 Vaccine Doses

by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

A Texas mother is speaking out against the horrific injuries her six month old daughter sustained after being given 8 vaccine doses during a routine visit to the doctors surgery.

After receiving vaccines for DTap/Hib/IPV, hepatitis B, pneumococcal Prevnar 13, and the oral Rotavirus vaccine, Cerenity suffered several major health problems which eventually led to her becoming permanently brain damaged.

Prior to the vaccines Cerenity was a perfectly healthy happy baby with normal physical and cognitive development. Shortly after receiving the eight vaccinations, her entire personality changed.

Cerenity suddenly became unresponsive, both mentally and physically. She could not hold her head up right or move her arms, and appeared to display symptoms of a stroke. The child was rushed to the emergency room at Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital in Houston, Texas, where she received a CT scan and an MRI.

The doctor admittedly had no answers for the Garza family and sent them home, referring them to a pediatrician. Distraught and frightened, they reluctantly complied.

“I was so scared to even put her down,” wrote Mrs. Garza in a heart wrenching narrative published on VacTruth. “We were sent home with her paralyzed,” but we just didn’t know it yet, she added.

By the next morning, Cerenity was unable to sit and appeared paralyzed in several parts of her body, prompting her family to skip the pediatrician visit and rush straight to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in downtown Houston where the child was placed in the Intensive Care Unit.

The medical team there quickly pointed the finger at the Garzas before calling Child Protective Services and accusing them of shaking their baby. The accusers eventually backed down from the accusations and apologized before vindicating the family of any misconduct.

But before breathing a sigh of relief, the Garzas were told their daughter may never walk or even crawl again. Just a month after meeting the six-month vaccine mark, Cerenity was in the ICU on a breathing machine.

“I couldn’t deal. It was awful. They had her in the ICU for 8 days and treated her with steroids. … She had bleeding in her brain, ended up paralyzed and was diagnosed with transverse myelitis spinal cord disease,” said Mrs. Garza.

Transverse myelitis is a neurological disorder caused by inflammation of the spinal cord and can be caused by some vaccinations (including chickenpox and rabies), according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Transverse myelitis

Cerenity survived but continued suffering from chronic injuries and pain. She had trouble walking, numbness in her feet, headaches and constant back pain. Her mother says she would have episodes where she appeared “stuck for 30 to 45 minutes.”

The Garzas were shuffled from doctor to doctor, visiting medical facilities in Laredo, San Antonio and Houston. Last year, Cerenity was diagnosed with Chiari malformation, a disorder causing brain tissue to extend into the spinal canal.

The cause of Chiari malformation is poorly understood, but experts theorize that it’s a result of structural defects in the brain and spinal cord. However, it can also occur later in life due to spinal injury, “exposure to harmful substances, or infection,” according to the NIH.

The Garzas were happy to have a diagnosis but faced another challenge: a constant and aggressive push for more vaccines. Despite Cerenity’s unstable condition, several doctors pressured the family to complete the child’s vaccine schedule.

The Garza’s resisted. Who will be responsible if our daughter gets sicker? Cerenity’s father asked worriedly. I don’t want to lose my baby, he added. The doctor refused to answer, stating simply “Sorry, it’s our policy.”

“We were bullied into vaccinating”

The family gave in when Cerenity’s access to care was threatened. The doctor promised to ease their concerns by giving the child two to three vaccines at a time. Cerenity’s health worsened after the second round of immunizations, received in October 2015.

Five months later Mrs. Garza learned that the doctor lied to them and against their knowledge injected Cerenity again with a 5-in-1 combo vaccine, DTaP-Hep B-IPV, and a Hib vaccine.

“I had no idea they gave her 6 vaccine doses until recently. I was angry and shocked!” said Mrs. Garza.

“I felt bullied and didn’t know my rights,” she went on to say.

Despite being deterred by doctors, the Garzas filed and won a vaccine exemption for their daughter, who is now three years old.

Cerenity can walk but still has numerous health complications including chronic headaches, irritability, severely damaged vision, speech impediments, difficulty communicating and behavioral problems.

Every morning, she wakes up with pain and cries, says Mrs. Garza, adding that they were forced to place Cerenity back into diapers because of bowel movement problems.

“I want my baby’s story heard so that others won’t make the same mistake I did. I wish I could go back in time and had never allowed her to get those shots. I feel as I took her chance of a normal life.”


About the Author: Sean Adl-Tabatabai


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  1. Thank you Butch for your comment. You are one of many that has suffered at the hands of uninformed Medical practitioners and/or Big Pharma. May they have ‘their day in court’ and be held accountable!!

  2. I really think that is why children are doing so poorly in school! After i was vacinated at age 7 and eight, there was a terrible ringing in my ears! I have it to this day! (72yrs) I was an exceptional student until that time!

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