Sixty Three Effective Ways To Live A Better Lifestyle

63 Effective Ways To Live A Better Lifestyle

Contributed to TLB by:  Matthew Snider

Everyone has room for improvement. This is a simple fact of life. Luckily, each and every one of us was made with different talents, weaknesses, strengths, and faults. This is all encompassed by being human, something that should be greatly appreciated. With that being said, everyone has a weakness or two. Who is to say anyone is perfect?

In this article, there are many little steps you can take to better yourself each and every day. You can do one of two things when you wake up each morning. Either you can choose to go about your day as normal with no alterations or improvements, or you could squeeze a few new things into your agenda.

There are many ways to go about improving yourself. The only person who can make you improve yourself is you. We’ve compiled a list of little things to try that can open your eyes to a whole new you. You just have to make the choice to do them.

1. Find a new educational activity that interests you.

You could sit in front of your TV binge watching your favourite shows for hours on end. Although this is a perfect way to spend a lazy day, that time could be spent bettering yourself. Try building model cars, or any hobby that could potentially stimulate your mind more than a TV screen would.

2. Purchase and use an agenda.

The best way to positively manage your time is to find a schedule that works for you. Nothing makes me realize how much time I waste more than having it on paper in front of me. Also, writing out tasks that need to be completed helps you remember them.

3. Establish a better sleep schedule.

Woman sleeping on her desk

Who isn’t guilty of staying up late working on a project and then waking up late the next day? Unfortunately, this can be hazardous to your health as well as detrimental to your productivity. Going to bed earlier and waking up earlier can boost your immune system as well as give you more time to complete any tasks.

4. Face your fears.

It’s easier said than done. You cannot just go sky-diving if you’re afraid of heights, either. You have to think of small steps to overcome these challenges. For example, going to a rooftop restaurant to slowly adjust to heights.

5. Try a new class.

There is no better way to expand your knowledge than to learn from a professional. Knowledge is something that no one can ever steal from you. Often, community colleges offer online and affordable classes. You could also look for seminars or workshops that may be available in your area. The possibilities are truly endless.

6. Drink more water.

Another thing that is easier said than done— especially for those that have not conquered this habit. Water is essential to our life. The benefits of drinking an adequate amount are insurmountable. Water boosts your metabolism, helps you lose weight, and keeps your skin glowing. What a small ritual with a massive result.

7. Write your goals out each week.

Writing your goals out truly is one of the best ways you can keep yourself on task. If you want to save $50, write it out on a piece of paper and post it somewhere that you’ll see it every day that week. This will be a constant reminder to accomplish this goal. Also, it feels really good to take the paper down once you’ve completed the goal.

8. Start journaling before bed.

This is an easy way to reflect on the bright spots of your day. Journaling can also help you realize the points in which you can improve. For example, if you tried a new recipe that turned into a fluke, journaling can help you reflect and potentially empower you to try the recipe again with a few tweaks. It is an excellent way to work out any kinks that you may have overcome throughout the course of your day.

9. Stuck in a rut? Change your routine.

Getting stuck in a rut happens to the best of us. We wake up, go to work, come home, cook dinner, sleep, and repeat. If you feel like you’re in this endless cycle, you can easily revamp your lifestyle with changing things up a bit. One idea is to go out to dinner once a week to a place you’ve never tried before.

10. Become competitive with your new goals.

Person writing list of goals, close-up of hand

Competition is a part of human nature. Finding someone who shares a common goal with you may amp up your motivation to accomplish this goal. For example, if the goal is weight loss, you can find someone at your local gym with the same purpose and set a prize for the person who lowers their BMI the most by a particular date.

11. Find out your weaknesses.

We all have weaknesses. If you decide to journal like in tip #8, you will be able to identify your weaknesses much easier. Once these gaps are identified, you can make a plan to overcoming them. The advantage to this is having the opportunity to pinpoint where you can improve yourself the most.

12. Be open to constructive criticism.

This is an important one. First of all, it’s vital that you can identify valuable advice. Constructive advice will give you an outside look into what you may be able to tweak to better yourself. It is tough to not take criticism personally. Often, our greatest critics care about us the most.

13. Write out what you need to accomplish each day.

Creating a to-do list can skyrocket your productivity. Having a comprehensive list of things that need to be completed will keep you on task and help you manage your time as efficiently as possible. Household chores and errands can seem daunting at times. Sometimes checking off the items on your list is the most satisfying part.

14. Identify your dreams.

Cartoon girl dreaming big

If you do not have a dream to work towards, working hard all of the time can burn you out. Setting a list of big yet obtainable dreams can keep your motivation and spirits high on those late nights and early mornings. You can even post a few pictures of your dreams around your bedroom as a constant reminder that the best is yet to come.

15. Take control.

Until you take control of your life, you will have no means of improving your life. You can get and maintain control by identifying your major stressors and evaluating how you can reduce or eliminate these stressors. Sometimes you can even use the stress to your advantage. For example, if you have an essay due at 12 AM, you will most likely work diligently and without interruption. As long as you feel in control, success is yours for the taking.

16. Give everything you have into everything you do.

If you aren’t giving your whole heart to each and every project you get your hands on, you might as well not be doing it. Your work is your brand. Do you want to have your name on something you were not fully committed to? Anything that you give less than one-hundred percent to is a waste of your time.

17. Find a role model.

This goes along with having a dream. Having someone to look up to can help you stay focused. This person could be a relative, a coworker or manager, or even a celebrity. Make sure that they are aligned with your personal goals. Look for someone with qualities that you wish to obtain, and use them as motivation to get them.

18. Cut the bad habits.

This one is a given. Everyone has a bad habit or two. The most simple way to improve yourself is to break these habitsand move forward. This is easier said than done, as are most things in life. One way to make the process a little less painful is to offer yourself a reward for ending each habit. For example, you may reward yourself with your favourite foods after a week of not smoking.

19. Start a new habit.

This is also a straightforward and efficient way to improve your lifestyle. This can be as easy as unloading the dishwasher as soon as you see it finished with its cycle. The habit can be as complex as learning a new language. No matter what you choose, new healthy habits can always refresh your desire for self-improvement.

20. Surround yourself with positive energy.

Positive Thinking Mind Showing Optimism Or Belief

Positive people and positive thoughts always equal a positive outcome. Positivity can even motivate you and help you produce some of the best quality work that you have ever accomplished. This is because a positive mind overrides any negativity you may be facing. Having the right support system and the right attitude make a world of a difference.

21. Learn to talk to someone.

This one can be tricky. I am specifically referring to talking to people in times of your highest frustration. For example, when you are dealing with customer service, it is easy to be rude and yell at the person you’re talking to. In reality, the person is most likely trying to resolve a situation that has nothing to do with them. Manners and politeness can go an incredibly long way.

22. Fine tune your strengths.

Having an inventory of what you are good at is a great way to create high self-esteem. With that being said, everyone has room for improvement. Hard work surpasses talent when talent does not work hard. It is important that you are always practicing even when you have it mastered.

23. Scrapbook the best times of your life.

Reflection of the sweetest memories can keep you in touch with the positive energy we mentioned earlier. Positivity is vital to improving your well-being. Scrapbooking truly is a method of embracing your creativity while lifting your spirits.

24. Read something new.

Reading something new every day, or even just skimming over a short story, can help you grow your knowledge in a leisurely way. Not only will you be gaining vocabulary and learning new things, but you will also be engaging your mind. Other activities, such as scrolling through social media, are not nearly as engaging.

25. Do something that you would never have before.

Creating a list of things you were never audacious enough to do can significantly increase your ability to eliminate fears and doubts. For example, booking a flight to a foreign country despite your fear of flying can open up many opportunities for travel.

26. Never doubt yourself.

Having a negative attitude toward your ambitions is a death sentence to your dreams. It is important that you eradicate doubt from your mind and replace it with positivity. Hard work stems from being positively motivated. If you’re too afraid of failure, you will never be able to take the necessary risks for success.

27. Quit social media.

Social media was created for families and friends to connect regardless of distance. Unfortunately, it has created a realm for negative energy to be spewed across the internet. Reading through this infectious negativity can keep you down. Even reducing the amount of time spent on social media can help you maintain a more positive state of mind.

28. Cut the time suckers.

When our world is surrounded by technology, it’s hard to put down the cell phone and pick up a book. TVs, the internet, and cell phones are huge time consumers that are harmful to anything involving productivity. You do not have to quit technology. It is wise to reduce the time you spend on unproductive activities and increase your time working on reaching your goals. Read our take on productivity here.

29. Meditate.

Meditation does not have to be spiritual. Meditation is simply giving you a few moments to gather your thoughts. There are so many incredible benefits to meditation, such as reduced anxiety. Allowing yourself a little bit of peace can be very helpful in maintaining a positive attitude.

30. Do something for YOU each day.

Taking care of yourself is vital to being healthy. Although we should always keep others in mind, we should not put other’s happiness in front of our own. This is almost like paying off someone else’s debts when you’re under your eyeballs on your own. You should try to give yourself some form of gift each day. Try giving yourself a manicure or even buying yourself a coffee.

31. Power-up your creativity.

Become inspired by something in your life. Having inspiration can spark creativity, which is crucial when looking for self-improvement. Having a dull environment can bring down your productivity. Try adding your own personal, creative flair to your environment to renew it.

32. Be kind.

This is a very easy thing to do. Kind gestures to not need to be large at all. This can simply mean opening a door for the person behind you or returning a cart for someone with five kids to buckle up. Exuding kindness to others can have a massive positive impact on our lives as well.

33. Look toward the bright future.

No matter how bad a day gets, there is always something to look forward to. Maintaining a positive attitude in every circumstance given is challenging, but it can have an enormous impact on how we perceive the future. When it seems like nothing is going right and that you have hit rock bottom, you only have room for improvement.

34. Invest (time, money, love)

Consider every action you have within a relationship as an investment. Every time that you do something for a loved one, such as buying roses or planning a date, you are investing into the relationship. This is the most worthy investment you will ever make.

35. Set health goals.

Even the trimmest athlete has health goals. You only get one body, so you should consider taking the best care of it possible. Maybe you will plan to eat more healthily or to exercise more regularly. Remember that goals are nothing without hard work.

36. Speak to someone new.

Social encounters with strangers are not natural for most people. If you struggle with meeting new people, try engaging with at least one stranger per day. Give someone a compliment. Say something nice to them. You will be surprised at how easy new encounters become. You may even find some pretty unusual people along the way.

37. Cut off negativity.

If you follow any tip from this article, follow this one. Our lives are engulfed by people who are unsatisfied with their lives. Often, we become these people when we are surrounded by negativity. If the people around you are not uplifting and keeping you set on track to meeting your goals, they are not worth playing a large role in your life.

38. Figure out your work goals.

Our careers play a huge role in our lives. If you are in a position that you want to grow out of, it will take a lot of hard work. One way you can stay on task to getting that promotion is setting a few work related goals. For example, you could make your goal surpassing the company’s goals.

39. Learn new skills each week.

With all of the resources that the internet has given us, we have no excuse not to be learning a new skill each week. If you are interested in blogging, you could look up videos or articles on how to create engaging content. These new skills do not have to be in line with your current goals, either. Have fun with it!

40. Assess your attitude towards life.

With the world that we live in, it is incredibly easy to slip into a poor attitude. If you are planning on improving your wellbeing, you are going to have to understand where any doubt may be coming from. Having the right attitude will make any improvements so much more straightforward.

41. Help one person a day.

We do not know what the person sitting next to us has been through. Many of us are quick to judge those who are in desperate need of help. A person who inflicts judgment on others is one who is probably unsatisfied with themselves. You could make a small gesture to a stranger that could change their entire life.

42. Smile.

Three women smiling by the beach

As cliche as it may sound, smiles are incredibly infectious. Even if you’re not having the best of days, smiling can trick your brain into feeling a little less gloomy. Also, smiling around to others can often brighten their mood as well. It’s a win-win for everyone.

43. Don’t rush.

Life is too short to spend every moment of your life in a hurry. Many of us speed on the highway or rush through stores to get our desired items without window shopping. Often we even rush the most important moments in our life spent with our loved ones. Next time you are at a family event or gathering, savor each and every moment.

44. Keep an open mind.

The world and its culture are constantly evolving. No matter what your personal values are, it is very wise to keep an open mind. This is something that is not easy to come by and often takes practice. The next time that you notice some conflicting values, consider that we all have a different set of eyes for a reason.

45. Ignore what people think of you—it holds you back.

If Leonardo DiCaprio listened to all of the people saying that he would never become a successful actor, we would not have many of the iconic productions he was a part of. The only way you can accomplish many of the goals that you’ve set is to venture out of your comfort zone. Never let anyone else’s opinion get in the way of that.

46. Forgive and forget.

Holding onto painful memories is the same as holding onto negative energy. There is no reason why you should dwell on the past when there is such a bright future ahead. Having the ability to forgive others can relieve a ton of pressure off of your life and bring in a more positive light. There is no changing what has already happened. The only thing you can change is the future.

47. Stop procrastination.

Unless you work well in stressful situations, you should consider eliminating procrastination. Procrastination can put an unnecessary amount of stress on activities that are not ordinarily stressful. The best way to beat this demon is to start working on a project right away. It always feels so much better to get something done and being able to relax rather than having something hang over your head. Whatever you do, try your best not to put it off!

48. Make your needs a priority.

We, as humans, require quite the bit of maintenance. Make sure that you are taking all of the necessary measures to take wonderful care of yourself. As we mentioned before, you cannot take care of other’s problems when you have problems of your own. This leads you to spiral into more problems. Schedule the appropriate doctor and dental visits, pay off your bills and fill your fridge before filling your neighbors. As much as we want to do good for others, sometimes it is not in our best interest.

49. Make a contribution.

Whether it’s to the local dog shelter or your local small business, make sure you are giving back. When all of your personal needs are squared away, it is important that you support those who are not as fortunate or those who have supported you along the way. Contributions are not always monetary. Consider volunteer work for a more meaningful experience for both you and the beneficiary.

50. Define the things you are grateful for.

Some people write down a list of the things they are thankful for every evening. Others go through them before getting out of bed in the morning. No matter what way you go about it, this task can improve the way you see the world. Identifying the things you are most thankful for will keep you grounded and humble. Make sure that you’re vocalizing your gratitude to your loved ones every chance that you have.

51. Start a garden.

Gardening tools

Gardening is one of the most peaceful yet satisfying hobbies to take up. Not only will you be able to harvest the real fruits of your labors, but you are also saving the planet. Plants are vital to our ecosystem. Therefore you are making an enormous contribution to your community when you start a garden. You get a chance to improve your serenity and your environment all at the same time.

52. Declutter your space.

A clear space equals a clear mind. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get anything done in an unclean area. Try going through your closet and donating the things you do not use to charity. You can even remove trash, unnecessary papers and pointless knick-knacks to promote a clean environment. Regardless, it feels incredibly satisfying to remove all of the stuff that was once junked up your space.

53. Keep your promises.

Being a trustworthy person is a highly sought-after trait. The best way to go about this is only to make promises that you know are obtainable. If you drop something that was way out of reach, you risk becoming an irresponsible person. Not only is it important to keep promises to others, but it is also important to keep promises to yourself as well. If you set out to eat healthy, do it. There is no reason that you should allow yourself to be an exception to this rule.

54. Regret nothing.

Obviously, if you decided to to do something, it was for a good reason. Somewhere in your mind, you believed it to be a good idea. If you were put back in that position in the same conditions, you would most likely make the same decision. Regretting something that you had control over is almost like being untrue to yourself. Whatever it was is now in your past. The only way to go now is forward. Life is too short to dwell on the past.

55. Learn CPR.

There are many classes offered to learn CPR. This is a skill that can not only improve your life but potentially save the life of another. You never know when an emergency situation may arise.

56. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Role models are an incredible way to figure out what qualities you want to see in yourself, but it is important that you do not compare yourself to others. You are your person. If you compare yourself to others, you are creating an expectation for yourself that is bound for failure. If you struggle with this, try comparing yourself to yourself. You have come a very long way in life. You have accomplished many goals. This is one of the best motivational tools there are.

57. Become a good listener.

It is relatively easy to talk about ourselves to our loved ones. Sometimes, we need to be on the other side of the conversation. Being a good listener is key to improving our relationships with others. Listening is more than just being there for someone. Try and understand the person’s point of view and let them know that you are there for them. Become genuinely engaged into the conversation. You never know when you will need a good listener to be there for you.

58. Get a mentor.

A mentor can serve as a fresh set of eyes into your life. Often, mentors are very wise and can deter you from making poor choices as well as motivate you to make the right ones. When going on a mission for self-improvement, your mentor may be able to guide you through the proper steps to take toward each goal. Having a mentor can positively affect the outcomes of life in many different ways.

59. Maintain a desire for improvement.

Even when you feel that you are completely satisfied with your lifestyle, never lose your desire for growth. Self-improvement is not like riding a bike—you may lose a lot of the things you learned and fall back into bad habits if you become lax. Having the desire to improve yourself is half of the battle.

60. Take a self-appreciation break.

In the midst of a crazy or busy day, you need a way to limit the stress. Try taking a few minutes to yourself. Think of at least two things that you can appreciate about yourself. For example, you may say that you appreciate how you are motivated to continuously improve yourself and you are generous to those in need. These things do not have to be huge accomplishments. As long as you feel more positively motivated when the break is over, you have done it correctly.

61. Embrace your flaws.

Flaws are what gives each and every one of us individualization. Without them, we would all look, act, and sound the same. Life would have no color, rhyme, or reason. Whenever you feel as if your flaws holds you back, think about Marilyn Monroe. Her flaw, or beauty mark, is known as one of the most iconic beauty symbols of all time. If you look at any celebrity known for looks, you can almost always point out something that sets them apart. Flaws are only flaws if you see them that way.

62. Love and care for yourself.

Sad woman holding up a red heart shape with a missing puzzle piece

Humans are the most beautiful works of art this world has ever known. To think that we look in the mirror and see the things we detest rather than the things that radiate with beauty is sickening. We deserve to take care of ourselves, to do something kind for ourselves. Never forget, we deserve to improve ourselves to our fullest potential. We deserve the most positive, supportive group of people in our lives to nourish our desire for companionship. You deserve everything that you work hard for.

63. Never stop asking questions.

When you do not ask questions, you are only holding yourself back. If our ancestors did not ask questions, there would be no science or mathematics. Benjamin Franklin did not make his discoveries by sitting on the couch. The most important question you should continue to ask is this: how can I improve myself?

No matter how big or small the improvement you set out to accomplish, make sure that you are doing it for you. Never set out to change yourself in the interest of anyone else. We are all humans who make mistakes and have flaws.

Which of the listed ways would you find life changing?

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