So … Why do You Support Joe Biden?

Why do You Support Joe Biden?

By: Parker Beauregard

There are a lot of unanswered questions for Biden supporters. Part of the frustration with the left and those that support it is that they never offer a convincing rationale for their actions. Why are you voting for him? It seems simple enough to ask.

For the purpose of understanding the headspace of liberals, what follows are a series of questions that will offer these people an opportunity to explore their vote. The question is followed by a short description that places them in context.

Where and how exactly did Trump mess up and how would Biden have handled the coronavirus pandemic differently?

It would be helpful to consider how Biden initially ridiculed Trump for his travel ban to China, Dr. Fauci argued against wearing masks, television pundits on CNN and MSNBC all proclaimed the seasonal flu was worse than coronavirus, and 12 of the 14 hardest-hit states have Democrat governors who have also been responsible for over half of all American COVID deaths (including New York’s Andrew Cuomo with almost 20% of all deaths on his own).

How exactly can Trump be criticized for the economic slowdown at the same time Biden is being promoted for proposing more of it?

Trump has consistently wanted to reopen the economy while blue-state governors and Democratic leaders have constantly pushed for extended lockdowns, which are solely responsible for the massive job loss and economic downturns. This seems especially pertinent now that Joe Biden announced he would continue the lockdowns indefinitely, with presumably similar economic repercussions.

How do you anticipate Joe Biden responding to the deadly and damaging riots in American streets effectively when he’s been here before and it is known that his anti-police rhetoric only encourages more entitled lawlessness to build?

Recall that President Obama and Vice-President Biden nurtured the growth of Black Lives Matter with their baseless and divisive responses to the Cambridge police incident, the Trayvon Martin death, the Michael Brown death, and the Freddie Gray death. Feel free to also to weigh in on the belief that Trump sending in troops to an already burning city like Portland somehow increases the tension, or the fact that when they pull out the burning continues.

How do you reconcile the #MeToo movement’s aggressive push against prominent Republicans to suddenly turning a blind eye to the recorded interactions by Biden towards, not only women, but young girls?

It isn’t even just Tara Reade who was ignored, despite more substantive evidence and corroboration than was presented against Justice Kavanaugh in the entire process of his confirmation hearings. You likely don’t even know how he earned the name Creepy Joe, considering how the media covers up his every gaffe, but feel free to view this montage before a response.

In what way has Trump attacked women and other “oppressed” groups like gays, blacks, Muslims, immigrants and prevented them from living the American Dream? If you identify as anything other than cis white male, what has personally worsened in your life since Trump entered the Oval Office?

We are forever led to believe that Trump threatens everyone’s existence through his apparent repressiveness toward, crudeness about, and mistreatment of them. Please cite specific examples and avoid generalizations.

What response can you offer that explains many blacks’ full-fledged support for conservative policies in general and Donald Trump specifically? Do you think they’re stupid?

The magnificent Larry Elder documentary Uncle Tom, (black) voices of reason with large social media presences like Brandon Tatum, Colion Noir, and Candance Owens, and the vast number of successful and patriotic black Republican politicians like Tim Scott, Daniel Cameron, and Kim Klacik all speak openly about their support of the Trump presidency. Polling also suggests a record turnout of blacks could swing Republican.

How do you see four additional years of public “service” contributing positively to Biden’s legacy, and more to the point, why haven’t many of his promises been tackled in his previous tenure, particularly as vice-president under Obama?

Joe Biden is now 77 years old and he began representing the state of Delaware at the age of 28. That’s the first thing. Secondly, in light of his likely dementia, perhaps you could wade into the seeming contradiction of the hyperbolized fear surrounding Trump’s alleged mental unfitness and now the silence around Biden’s own mental faculties.

How is Joe Biden’s disregard for criminal behavior better for ending the widespread violence and ensuring the protection of the lives, private property, and individual rights of every American citizen?

The recent self-defense killings by a 17-year-old Wisconsinite, the murder of a Trump supporter in Portland by an Antifa thug, and the assassination of a white family by an angry black man highlight what happens when law and order are allowed to subside in favor of politically-permitted violence and an overall narrative of “whites bad, blacks good.” More unhinged acts of violence like being smashed on the head with a brick for walking down the street while white will also occur. What if that was your husband and daughter in the car, or your father walking down the street?

If you are fortunate enough to be able to move to a suburban community with schools with fewer student management issues, better safety, more experienced educators, and are all around better schools, why do you oppose every family’s ability to get the best for their kids?

Joe Biden opposes school choice, even including the development of charters, which means poor black families (they matter, right?) are generally relegated to failing and dangerous neighborhood public schools.

How can you support the looting and riots, even writing them off as “mostly peaceful,” knowing full well you would never accept it in your own community and backyard? What right do you have to safety while others do not?

We have seen time and again hypocritical Democratic leaders like Minneapolis City Council president Lisa Bender and Seattle Mayor Jennifer Durkin calling for a cessation of rioting once it hits too close to home, or even use force to prevent thugs from entering their own streets, like Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot did. Maybe it would just be easier if you publicly shared your address so these peaceful protesters would know where to go to get more shoes, TVs, and booze.

How do you defend your and the media’s silence while actually going through the constitutional process to impeach Trump on unverifiable, and in some cases provably false, allegations?

Help me understand your thought process for supporting Trump’s impeachment, since there are taped conversations of President Obama literally colluding with Putin and Vice President Biden conspiring with Ukraine, which appear identical to the rationales for proceeding with the Trump impeachment.

Let me conclude by saying that I am prepared to answer any question about my staunch and unwavering support of Donald Trump for reelection. It goes both ways; I have questions for liberals and leftists. Feel free to ask your own.


Parker Beauregard writes cultural commentary for ordinary Americans. His work has been published on American Thinker, Liberty Nation, Right Wire Report, and blogs at Contact him at [email protected].


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