Stand For Truth – With a Successful, Precedent Setting ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict, the Crown Has Appealed!

Stand for Truth – With a successful, precedent setting ‘not guilty’ verdict, the Crown has appealed!

… The Why …

TLB Note: Fundraising to help expose the medical cover-up in the death of Ezekiel Stephan. If you are not familiar with David’s story … the following video and accompanying account of events (text and images) will bring you up to date on the tyranny and corruption faced by this Canadian family. We ask that you please consider helping David and his family (see link below article).

… The Facts …

By: David Stephan

Hello and thank you so much for visiting. My name is David Stephan and I will be sharing a Coles notes version of my family’s harrowing tale, wherein the government has exploited the most traumatic of situations in an attempt to bring about various agendas. It all began over 7 years ago, when our 18 month old son, Ezekiel, came down with the croup. Within less than a week he was over it. Returning back to our normal activities, we brought him to church the following Sunday, and then to parent pre-school with his 4 year old brother that following Monday. 2 days later, it appeared that he was getting sick again, but this time with what appeared to be the flu. Over the next 5 days, the low lying symptoms waxed and waned with Ezekiel never presenting with any of the severe or alarming symptoms such as a fever or vomiting. For the most part, he was just tired and content sitting and watching his favourite cartoons, and at times would appear to have muscle and joint achy-ness associated with the flu. By day 6, March 12th, 2012, a nurse who had spent the previous 9 years of her career in the emergency room, who was also Collet’s birth attendant, came to check on Collet who was four and half months pregnant, as well as to give her opinion on whether or not it would be of any value to bring Ezekiel to the hospital. After thoroughly checking his vitals and listening to his breathing with a stethoscope and everything appearing to be normal, based on the little symptoms that he was showing externally, her recommendation was to get him some electrolytes and that we would likely be turned away if we were to bring him to the hospital. Unfortunately, the nurse made mention of the fact that she had encountered a case of meningitis in the emergency room a few weeks prior and that maybe we would want to look into that. Sadly, this suggestion would soon become the basis for a massive cover-up for criminal negligence resulting in death. More on this later…

The next day, March 13th 2012, after a necessary trip to the city to sign papers for the lawyers, Ezekiel became symptom free of what appeared to be the early onset symptoms of the flu. During that trip, we also picked up an echinacea tincture from a naturopathic doctor and between using that as well as giving him an electrolyte drink, his energy began to increase and any of the outward symptoms of the illness dissipated. Unfortunately, we decided for the comfort and continued recovery of Ezekiel, to not put him in his car seat during that trip, but rather have one of us attending to him in the back of the car. An action that would be heavily used against us shortly after when allegations of negligence were to arise.

Later that evening, after drinking a fair amount of the electrolyte drink, Ezekiel went down for a nap, still showing no symptoms of any illness from earlier on that day. A couple of hours later he awoke with a curious breathing pattern. Before Collet and I had a chance to really assess it and determine whether or not he required medical attention, Ezekiel stopped breathing altogether. 911 was immediately phoned and a few moments into the call, he coughed up some mucus and fluid and started breathing on his own again. As a distraught and traumatized father, my initial thought was that I had just phoned 911 for a non issue. The call was ended and we decided to take Ezekiel into the hospital rather than hope that an ambulance (which at that moment didn’t at all appear to be necessary) would be able to find us at our rural location in the country. About 20 minutes later, after getting our 4 year old son up from bed and getting him and Ezekiel into the vehicle, we were on our way to the hospital. 1 mile down the bumpy gravel road and suddenly Ezekiel had stopped breathing again. 911 was once again called. Unfortunately they didn’t dispatch the right ambulance. An ambulance that we literally drove within 100 yards of, about 3 minutes into our call. Rather, they dispatched an ambulance that was about 25 miles (40 kilometres) away. Driving as fast as our vehicle would go, 11 minutes later we met the ambulance on the highway. 11 minutes of my wife giving CPR to our son.

After feeling hopeful that the emergency medical personnel would be able to turn everything around, we were distraught and dumbfounded when about 15 minutes later we saw our son in the Cardston hospital, completely non-responsive. 6 hours later, we found ourselves in the Alberta Children’s Hospital, being told that Ezekiel was in a “medically induced coma”. Furthermore, we were told that his chances of survival over that night were bleak due to him being in cardiac arrest for about 45 minutes during his transport to Alberta’s top hospital. Fortunately, Ezekiel stabilized on life support, but over the next couple of days, to say it was confusing alongside all of the fear and trauma would be an understatement. We were bombarded with conflicting medical information about what Ezekiel’s current condition was and what the doctors were speculating led up to his being there. Soon the term “medically induced coma” would be replaced by Ezekiel’s non-responsiveness being due to having a “detached brain stem”. This is when the doctors began to use the term bacterial meningitis and inflammation in the brain on a regular basis, even though they hadn’t established any evidence of an infectious agent whatsoever. As seen below, there was nothing evident of meningitis on the CT scan and even though the doctors knew why Ezekiel was non-responsive, they were looking for an alternative so as to shift liability and cover up the real cause of death.

Then came the allegations from the hospital staff of us being negligent parents. Subsequently, Child and Family Services were called and they opened a case on us. They came into the hospital setting and interviewed us after being extremely traumatized and sleep deprived over the past day and a half. Then immediately after, the RCMP began their investigation which included Collet and myself giving statements in an even greater state of trauma and sleep deprivation. Collet’s interview started at midnight and ended at 2 in the morning. This was after she hadn’t slept at all the night before. My interview began at 2 in the morning and lasted until 4 in the morning. Even after giving bad information that had been impressed upon us by the doctors while being in a highly impressionable state, the RCMP investigator left the hospital with no recommendations for charges. Just over a week later, Child and Family Services closed their case as both state agencies saw the passing of our son as nothing more than a tragic situation. Although this initially took us off the hook, the passing of our son being classified as “nothing more than a tragic situation”, couldn’t have been further from the truth.

5 days later, after being pressured to take him off of life support and donate his organs, we finally succumbed to the hopelessness of the situation as we were told there was nothing more they could do for him. Although we did not agree to donate his organs, which seemed extremely peculiar that they wanted them while at the same time claiming that he had overwhelming bacterial meningitis, Ezekiel was removed from life support and our little family was absolutely devastated. We had hoped and prayed for a miracle, but the miracle never came in the way that we had expected it.

The next few months would be filled with a tremendous amount of tears, sleepless nights and wishing that we would just wake up from this terrible nightmare. As any loving parent would go through, we found ourselves consistently beating ourselves up with the would have, could have, should haves. No longer was our house filled with the sounds of children’s laughter and play, but rather deafening silence. Our 4 year old son Ezra no longer had his best friend and our family was left with a gaping hole that nothing could seem to fill. Looking into adoption became a topic of discussion, but before we had a chance to pursue this, any hope of this being a reality was completely destroyed but what would come next.

When we initially left the hospital after the death of Ezekiel, we were extremely confused as to why he had died, as we were not given any clarification by the doctors with their ever changing stories that had no substance or testing to back any of their theories. As such, we ordered an autopsy report as we wanted some closure to the passing of our son. Over 8 months later, we finally got the completed autopsy report, which left us even more confused and distrusting of the medical establishment. Not only did they have to employ the use of “non clinical research methodologies” (in other words, not approved testing) to substantiate bacterial meningitis, but there was also a new claim that Ezekiel also died from a right pleural empyema (a well developed infection on the outer wall of the lung that takes 5-6 weeks to fully form). An infection that surely the nurse would’ve identified with a stethoscope the night before Ezekiel ended up in an emergent situation. Also loaded into the autopsy report, was information about how the supposed bacterial infection could’ve been prevented through vaccination. Subsequently, 3 months later in February of 2013, 11 months after the death of Ezekiel, Collet and I were charged with “failing to provide the necessaries of life” which would make us liable for up to 5 years in jail.

Fast forward to June 2014, and we find ourselves in a preliminary trial where the crown identifies that vaccines will be a big part of this trial. It was further identified that the crown wanted to set a new precedent that would hold non-vaccinating parents criminally liable for any harm that may befall their children, if the medical establishment deemed the harm to be vaccine preventable.

Fast forward further to March 2016 and we find ourselves in trial, wherein it was shown that the initial ambulance that Ezekiel ended up in, was proactively de-stocked by Alberta Health Services of the necessary equipment that would be required to achieve an airway for most children under the age of 8. An issue that AHS was repeatedly warned about over the previous year by their paramedics. As such, the attending paramedic testified that Ezekiel had gone over 8 minutes without any oxygen whatsoever within that ambulance. One week later, and that ambulance finally received the necessary life saving equipment that was of the upmost importance on the night that Ezekiel was in it. (See the 2016 court transcript of the cross examination of the paramedic below.)

This issue if brought to light and pursued, would in any nation that adheres to the principles of justice, amount to nothing less than “Criminal negligence resulting in death”. A crime that brings with it a liability of up to 25 years in jail here in Canada. Interestingly, every one of the doctors that attended to Ezekiel thereafter, knew about his going over 8 minutes without oxygen, and yet they all kept it quiet as they continued to feed Collet and I a bunch of bogus fabrications as to why his brain was non-responsive. Although this would appear reason enough to warrant a cover-up, the rabbit hole goes so much deeper.

During the trial, it was further discovered by the former Chief Medical Examiner of Alberta, that there was no scientific evidence of bacterial meningitis, dispelling the first listed cause of death. Secondly, she discovered in the medical examiners file an x-ray of Ezekiels lungs being clear upon arrival. This discovery completely dispelled the second listed cause of death, that being a right pleural empyema. To take it a step further in substantiating that the autopsy report was completely falsified, there was even a request for the lab reports surrounding the “non clinical research methodology” that was used to show bacterial meningitis. No lab reports were ever able to be produced to demonstrate that this test had ever even taken place.

After being railroaded by the judge as he proceeded to go against case law, placing the jury in a position where they had no choice but to find us guilty, we were wrongfully convicted. During my 3 week incarceration within solitary confinement, I awoke to the level of corruption that we were dealing with. As such, upon my getting out on bail due to our appeal, we continued to hunt for all of the missing and withheld evidence that told a much different story than what the crown was telling about how Ezekiel died. To date, we have obtained copious amounts of medical files that would have cast a negative light on the falsified autopsy report and the crown’s deceptive narrative. We have encountered and continue to encounter major opposition to obtaining medical records that we know are in existence, and it even appears that there is destroyed evidence that likely contains the full truth as to how Ezekiel actually died.

What we now know after the first trial that was fraught with corruption and withheld evidence, is that Ezekiel did not die from meningitis or a right pleural empyema (lung infection). He didn’t even die from oxygen deprivation within the ill equipped AHS ambulance. He died a little later on, from what any reasonable person would deduce to be malicious intent. Moving forward about 2 hours after the time that Ezekiel was in the ill equipped ambulance, a blood gas reading identified what caused Ezekiel to go into extremis. A condition that arises rapidly, causing both respiratory and cardiac arrest. Acute Hyperkalemia, which is elevated potassium levels in the blood. From what?? We will never know! Whether it was a bad batch of the pharmaceutical grade electrolyte drink that he had had, or if there were other factors involved, we’re almost 7 years too late to investigate this. What became apparent, is that the medical system felt the need to hide it. What we do know though, is that when they appropriately treated him for the Hyperkalemia, he woke up and started breathing on his own again. Even after going 8 minutes without oxygen in the ambulance. HE WAS STILL ALIVE!!! So what happened next is where it gets extremely heart wrenching. With the doctors now being concerned that Ezekiel was going to pull out his intubation tube, they administered a dose of a contraindicated, paralytic medication, that given his weight and current condition, was about 5 times too much, subsequently putting him into cardiac arrest.

It was at this point that they either stopped documenting all medical care that he received for the next hour, or later destroyed all the medical files that were created over that hour of intensive care at the Lethbridge hospital. But even after this first dose of the paralytic medication, Ezekiel still wasn’t dead. Shortly after getting into the STARS helicopter for transport to the Alberta Children’s Hospital, the medical personnel decided yet again, to give Ezekiel that same size dose of the paralytic medication that had already put him into cardiac arrest shortly before. And then 15 minutes later, they gave him the same dose of that paralytic medication. And then for a third time in just over 30 minutes, they gave him that same dose of the paralytic medication that had almost killed him the first time they gave it to him just over an hour previous. Giving a dose of a medication that resulted in cardiac arrest once, may be deemed a mistake. Twice, it could be a coincidence. But thrice could only be deemed to be intentional. And no reasonable medical practitioner would ever justify giving 3 consecutive doses of this size to an 18 month old toddler.

With the insinuation of the medical personnel intentionally terminating Ezekiel’s life after he was severely brain damaged from over 8 minutes without oxygen in the ill equipped ambulance… many would be asking themselves the question, why would they intentionally kill him? There would be a number of motives, but perhaps the most relevant and believable one would come down to liability. In Alberta, if someone dies due to the negligence or errors of the medical system, in an effort to protect the government, a law has been put into place that any injured party can only sue the government for up to $84,000. Conversely, if someone is severely disabled due to the negligence or errors of the medical system, then the government is liable for millions of dollars. In effect, the Alberta government has created a law that would promote the euthanizing of medically disabled children and adults. Children like Ezekiel and apparently others as similar stories continue to pour in.

Today we find ourselves back in the process of continued court proceeding after 7 Supreme Court of Canada Justices unanimously identified the errors in law from our first trial, overturned the convictions and sent us back for a retrial. As the corrupted crown continues to pursue their agenda, using the death of our son to try and mandate vaccines as well as to further create a monopoly for the treatment of all disease on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, we find ourselves in a place where we have exhausted all of our resources during the previous 6 years of court proceedings. To date, the financial cost to our family has been about $1,000,000. We recently brought an application forward to the Courts, wherein we showcased the vast amount of evidence that identifies that the RCMP, Crown, Medical Examiners Office and Alberta Health Services (all state agencies) have all colluded together to withhold evidence and coverup the true cause of death in an effort to deceive the courts, and ultimately the public for the purpose of eroding our parental and medical rights. As such, we were seeking for costs of the previous corrupted trial to be reimbursed to help finance the new trial. The Judge however, did not weigh the evidence that identified tremendous government corruption, as he deemed it irrelevant, (even though we supplied case law that suggested otherwise) and as such he dismissed our application.

Traditionally, cases of this caliber within Canada would’ve been thrown out as soon as any small level of this type of foul play from state actors was identified. We find ourselves in an extremely peculiar situation, as after reviewing all of the case law, we can’t find a single case in Canada that has measured up to the same level of corruption that is identifiable within our case. And this observation is currently based on deficient evidence, as we still don’t have all of the medical evidence to identify where quite likely, the biggest issues would be highlighted. And yet, the crown still pushes forward to set a new precedent in Canada while having Collet and myself removed from our other 3 sons and daughter, as they seek to have us put in jail for 3 to 4.5 years (quite likely 5 after publishing this document).

What we are currently seeking, is enough funding to first acquire medical experts that would be able to substantiate what the real events were that led up to Ezekiel’s passing. As such, we fully anticipate that this will result in exposing the deep rooted corruption within the medical system. Furthermore, if our assertions are correct, the uncovering of the truth will quite likely result in us swearing out homicide charges against various medical personnel, as euthanizing disabled children is not a legally approved practice within Canada, but murder. Based on the size of our file and the incredible amount of coverup, the last medical expert that we hired cost us over $40,000, and that was before we had attained the over 100 pages of withheld evidence. Furthermore, funding us will not only assist in exposing the medical coverup in our case, but will also assist in the uncovering of the truth in other similar cases that are currently arising. Myself and a number of others have come to a point of such disgust over what is taking place within the medical establishment, that we have now made it our mission to investigate and truthfully report on these types of cases. Cases such as the Jeromie and Jennifer Clark case that we recently investigated, and that I reported on for 3 weeks in an effort to highlight the truth to further prevent this medical corruption from becoming more widespread.

In our standing up against this intense corruption, I have been warned numerous times that what we are doing is dangerous and putting myself and my family at risk. My response is simply this… In a world so prolific with evil, the greatest danger that lies before me and all mankind is silence. Silence of the truth which sets all men free.

If you are concerned about the continual erosion of our medical and parental rights, please join with us in taking a firm stand for the truth, which naturally exposes and eradicates the corruption. In a spirit of love, use your voice, share this information, and if you are able, please assist us with funding. Lastly, as a lack of love for one another is at the foundation of all of this corruption, it is my prayer that the Love of the Creator of both the Heavens and the Earth be restored within humanity!

With love and respect,

David Stephan


See content updates here: The battle lines have been drawn and the medical system is rallying their troops!


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