State-sponsored terror

Biochemical agents killing more Israelis than terrorist attacks

by Boudicca

It appears that the Israeli government’s  bizarre determination to inject it s citizens with experimental biochemical agents is doing a more thorough job  of killing them than them than  any other terrorist activity.

Whilst researching a feature on the impact of the mass vax program in Israel, I came across an interesting datum. As the following snippets illustrate :

“The Israeli People’s Committee (IPC), a civilian body made up of leading Israeli health experts, has published its April report into the Pfizer vaccine’s side effects.. The findings are catastrophic on every possible level. . . . it is possible to estimate the number of deaths in Israel in proximity of the [Pfizer] vaccine, as of today, at about 1,000-1,100 people.” Source :

So according to this report in the referenced article we have fatalities following vaccination (not to mention non-fatal serious adverse reaction which are far greater in number) at 1000 or more. This of course is in the immediate term. We do not know yet how high the injuries and fatalities will go over time as the long-term effects on health of this experimental agent make themselves felt.

But compare these vax-related deaths in Israel with deaths from terrorism over, say, the past ten years (2011 t0 2020). This report  ( puts deaths from terrorist activity in Israel at 152. In 2020 the number was 3. (Yes, THREE)

It is becoming evident even at this early stage that the Pfizer vaccine, inflicted on the Israeli citizenry on the orders of the government  is killing many times more Israelis in a few weeks than terrorist organisations killed in the previous ten years.

Of course, it will be argued that the deaths caused by the vaccine must be weighed against the Covid deaths prevented by the vaccine.

But there are pretty much the same difficulties in making that evaluation as there are in the UK, namely:

It is unclear yet whether the vaccines work according to government data, and we probably wont know fore sure the degree to which they work until their trials are complete in two years time. They are still, after all, at this stage experimental although the government for some reason fails to make this clear.

The tricks for inflating the death stats are now so well known I hardly need to explain them yet again here. Suffice to say that with the dishonest use of the wildly inaccurate PCR test, the counting of flu, influenza A, influenza B, pneumonia, chest infections etc cases as Covid,  we do not know what the true number of people killed by the Covid bug is – if, indeed, a Covid virus actually exists as it has STILL not been properly isolated. So whilst the official figure for Covid deaths is around 6ooo for Israel, we can only guess at what the true figure might be.

My guess – and it is a guess – is that it might be around 1000.

How high the number of deaths from the vaccines will go over time as the long term effects (by far the greater worry than the  short-term adverse effects already worse than any other vax in history) will go is anyone’s guess but it is looking increasingly likely they will eventually exceed even the government’s inflated Covid fatality figures. As predicted, government are already, of course, covering up the vax deaths by blaming “new strains”. They have to. Many governments will fall messily when it comes out that they have by recklessness or malice aforethought, killed their citizens.

We need to factor in too the fact that the bug is a routinely treatable.. Many remedies (preventions and cures) exist but have been suppressed. These include Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D3 with Zinc and Vit C, Budesonide, nano silver and probably more. Had these highly workable cures, getting demonstrably good results in the hands of caring, competent doctors, not been  suppressed or withheld so as to engineer a needless pandemic scare, the “Covid deaths” figure might well have been close to zero.

Of course, these are early days of vaccination. The disturbingly large number of serious adverse reactions and deaths we are seeing are immediate-term reactions to a  vaccine that is supposed to have been “proven safe” although how is not clear because its trials are not yet done. These immediate-term reactions are as unprecedented as they are unpredicted.

Calling the Pfizer biochemical agent a Vaccine is of course a  misleading marketing ploy because it works differently to a vaccine and is  new, hitherto untried technology. Calling it a vaccine helps deceive people because vaccines are rightly or wrongly seen by most people as relatively safe.

Some may point to the fact that the Covid deaths stats has now zeroed in Israel and claim a success for the experimental pseudo-vax.

However, when you look into how the fatality stats are fiddled, it becomes clear that a dishonest government can make the stats read whatever they want them to read: they show deaths when  they want to create a scare and  no deaths when  they want to claim a success for the pseudo-vaccine.

And there is a neat little trick for creating and then “vanishing” an epidemic.

Lump similar ailments together under the same name (for example influenza A, influenza B, pneumonia. cold viruses etc) and you have a ready-made epidemic.

When you want the epidemic to vanish you simply reclassify the symptoms and deaths under their prior categories, calling then influenza A, influenza B, pneumonia instead of Covid and “hey presto” your epidemic that only, existed as numbers in the first place had numerically vanished.


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