Survival For a Few In the Dying Middle Class


By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

In a world of cat and mouse, a world of dog eat dog, of illusion, lies, and selfish endeavors without accountability, people who try to find the truth of the matter are humiliated and labeled. As some attempt to blink way the sleep from their eyes, blinded by lethargic years and bogus truths, they start to study and connect dots. This process is a sobering experience, as they are labeled un-American, Conspiracy theorists, truthers, traitors, and far worse, potential terrorists, and some, about three percent of the population, find themselves in survival mode. In my opinion, this survival mode of thought will be our only salvation… If you trust the system, go with the flow, do what you are told, you will be eaten alive.

In the process of living, we all try to trust the powers that control us from cradle to grave. We live our lives in quiet desperation, like good subjects do, and all of us to the very last man with a certificate of live birth, are slaves to a system that changes color when observed… so as not to be understood and caught.Today I will mention two amazing phenomena that have many Americans by the throat. One is called the “Gold scam,” and the other is called the bond market. Many investment groups have warned of these two prospects, if and when our economy defaults, and most emphatically agree, at least in my research, that those who are investing in these two markets will surely lose in a big way.

Let’s talk about the Goldscam first…

If our currency fails, if the Petro Dollar is no longer a viable legal tender accepted in world markets, if the U.S. defaults on World Bank loans, those who own gold and silver might have more of a fighting chance in the coming ciaos. The problem here is that you will have to actually possess these precious metals… You will have to hold them in your hands.

If all you have is a certificate of trust, and our economy fails, what you think belongs to you safe and sound in a depository will be a bitter wake up call. According to the U.S. Geological Survey records, every 400 ounces of gold traded in what is called “futures’ contracts”, on COMEX, The American commodities exchange, only one ounce actually exists for every 400 ounces traded. Any paper claim would hold no weight in a time of crisis, and that is the character of this system called the commodity market. It all runs smoothly until a bubble pops, and there are many about to pop.

Believe it or not but student debt, 1 trillion, is in the top three, with our amazing debt slavery being roughly 155K owed by every US citizen… But when you pencil in federal, local, corporate and consumer debt, that number is a staggering $729,000.00 per U.S. family as of 2014. From that calculation done just six months ago, we have added another trillion… to an unbelievable 18.8 trillion in debt. To put this in perspective, just four months before Obama’s election in 2008, we were at six trillion. Four months prior to the election, we added 4 trillion to our national debt, by banks and a Federal Reserve who are above the law and unaccountable to any higher law…. And so, since 2008, we have added 8.8 trillion more, printed out of thin air…

The last nail in our coffin will come from corporate accumulation of junk Bonds…

This bubble will usher in the largest destruction of individual wealth in the history of humanity, and few know or care to protect themselves. Most are too caught up in their lives to realize that this staggering tsunami of a bubble is tremendous in scope and ramification, and will dwarf the housing bubble that started in 2007 by a factor of three. Some will flourish, and others will be reduced to a cave man mindset.

A Junk bond is a high-yield bond issued by companies’ manipulating the market. Looking at history, junk bonds yielded less than 5% annually, but these same bonds are now over 6%. Credit is being given to less than investment-grade firms, the same as the housing bubble of 2007, but far greater. The Federal Reserve drives this market by keeping interest rates near zero, and buying billions of what some call toxic assets, Treasury securities and mortgage-backed debt, and this is driving a bogus bull market on bonds. And what does America get as this transpires? Debt slavery, yes, but this bubble will not just pop, it will explode, and the whole world will hear the thunder as we are dismantled by what can only be described as world bank carpetbaggers. We would disintegrate as a nation on many levels, and with our very insipid dog eat dog mindset, the unprepared will attempt to take what they need by force, when the lights go out.

I am reading two books simultaneously now, Porter Stansberry’s America 2020, and the New Rand Paul book, “Taking a Stand.” I see hope there, and a viable game plan for the survival of a few. To save America would take a miracle, I’m so sorry to say, as the powers causing this cannot stop themselves. The will take, and take, until there is nothing viable left. Protect yourself, and your family. They care nothing about you but their own black bottom line. The backbone of America is our viable middle class, and this is dying right before our eyes.

We do not need a bully or tyrant to save us. What we need is our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and a Government that gets out of the way of free enterprise.-Ken LaRive

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