Vaccine Passports versus Freedom Itself

April 15, 2021 0

Vaccine Passports vs. Freedom Itself By: Paul E. Alexander To reject the creeping totalitarianism and dictatorship is the lifeblood of all freedom-loving individuals across the world. Those under despotic control yearn for freedom. We need […]


The Final Push to … ‘Restore Our Freedom’

March 23, 2021 1

The Final Push to Restore Freedom By: Robert E. Wright Have you noticed that the good guys are on the verge of winning the great struggle, certainly intellectually but also politically and culturally? It’s become […]


Anticipating … The Political Storm Ahead

February 1, 2021 0

The political storm ahead By: Andrew W. Coy It looks to me as if we are about to enter a very dark and dangerous political storm such as our nation has not seen. The sunlight […]


Copy-Paste Error Reveals Assange Already Facing US Indictment

November 16, 2018 0

Copy-Paste Error Reveals Assange Already Facing US Indictment (ZeroHedge) The ACLU has published a statement declaring the US’s decision to prosecute Assange to be “unprecedented and unconstitutional”. Jamil Dakwar‏Verified account @jdakwar .@ACLU: Prosecuting Assange for @wikileaks […]

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