The Gutless Old Party (GOP)

April 27, 2024 0

The Gutless Old Party By: Pete McArdle When I’m sometimes foolish enough to state a political view while out in public — you can’t be held in jail without bail for talking about January 6, […]


Eight Little Voices

August 27, 2023 0

Eight Little Voices By: Jeffrey Folks The first GOP presidential debate was held on August 23 in Milwaukee. Present were eight candidates whose combined polling was less than that of Donald Trump. For two hours, […]


Republicans Fighting Over the Patriot Act

May 28, 2015 2

By: Onan Coca Noted mouthpiece for the establishment Republicans, Bill Kristol, recently proclaimed that “Rand Paul has now decided he wants to be a liberal Democrat” because of Senator Paul’s opposition to the PATRIOT Act. […]