The Breach of the Capitol Was Obviously a Set-Up

January 9, 2021 10

The breach of the Capitol was an obvious set-up By: Patricia McCarthy What happened at the Capitol building on Wednesday obviously was a stratagem to destroy the President’s popularity and support and overshadow the challenges […]


The Babylon Bee’s Predictions For 2021

January 7, 2021 0

The Babylon Bee’s Predictions For 2021 It’s official: 2020 was the worst year ever, except for almost all the other years in human history! Will 2021 be a better year? Take a look at the […]


New York: Bill to make Covid-19 vaccine MANDATORY

December 9, 2020 0

New York lawmakers introduce bill to make Covid-19 vaccine MANDATORY. What about ‘my body, my choice’, critics wonder Proposed legislation to make Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory in New York has come under fire from critics, who […]


Washington DC Police Brace For Largest Demonstration Yet

June 6, 2020 0

Washington DC Police Brace For “One Of The Largest Demonstrations We’ve Ever Seen”-Sat  (Zero Hedge) Following more than a week of widespread peaceful protests pockmarked by occasional homicidal violence, arson, assault and looting, activists are […]

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