Bird Flu, Fear, and Perverse Incentives

June 11, 2024 0

By: David Bell A 59-year-old man unfortunately died in Mexico in late April. Having been bed-bound for weeks and suffering from type-2 diabetes and chronic renal failure, he was at high risk from respiratory virus […]


How Did The Corruption Of Public Health Happen?

November 3, 2023 0

How Did the Corruption of Public Health Happen? By: David Bell International public health is a mess. Once seen generally as a public good, the focus of the World Health Organization (WHO) now more closely […]


The UN’s New Political Declaration On Pandemics

September 17, 2023 0

The UN’s New Political Declaration on Pandemics By: David Bell On September 20th our representatives meeting at the United Nations (UN) will sign off on a ‘Declaration’ titled: “Political Declaration of the United Nations General […]


What They Did To The Children

August 9, 2023 0

What They Did to the Children By: David Bell & Hugh McCarthy Children, as any parent knows, are not small adults. Their brain is growing and being acutely shaped by their environment and experience. Social […]


The WHO Is A Real & Present Danger

July 11, 2023 0

The WHO Is a Real and Present Danger By: David Bell •••• Our governments intend to transfer decisions over our health, families, and societal freedoms to the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), […]


The WHO Has Changed & Now It’s A Threat

May 11, 2023 0

The WHO Has Changed and Now It is a Threat By: David Bell •••• The director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) reassures us that the WHO’s “pandemic accord” (or “treaty”) won’t reduce the sovereignty […]

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