One Congress to Rule Them All

October 1, 2020 0

One Congress to Rule Them All Written & Contributed to TLB by: KrisAnne Hall, JD We may see something in November that we have never seen before and it’s all connected to the 12th amendment. […]


The Great Reset Fraud

July 17, 2020 0

The Great Reset Fraud MATTHEW EHRET Like everyone, I would love to live in a pollution-free world. I would love to see human civilization strike a balance with nature and at the risk of sounding […]


Bretton Woods Is Dead: What’s Next?

July 29, 2019 0

Bretton Woods Is Dead: What Next? MATTHEW EHRET French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has publicly admitted something normally reserved for backroom discussion in the circles of Europe’s governing elite at an event honoring the […]


How Big Brother Grips Americans’ Minds to Support Invasions

December 8, 2018 2

How Big Brother Grips Americans’ Minds to Support Invasions ERIC ZUESSE On November 29th, Gallup headlined “Democrats Lead Surge in Belief U.S. Should Be World Leader” and reported that “Three-fourths (75%) of Americans today think the United […]



December 21, 2015 1

by sinewave This is now the completed “full length” documentary of a previous posting here of just the “trailer” for this film by Kyle Hunt. It’s truly FANTASTIC in its scope of content and quality […]

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