Gardasil: Big Pharma Killing Us Softly

November 7, 2014 0

TLB Preface: The article we present here is one of the most comprehensive articles we have come across regarding the danger and misinformation associated with Gardasil. This article is written by two very thorough professionals […]


Gardasil Girls Suffer from the ‘New Autism’

August 10, 2014 0

Contributed to TLB by: Leslie Carol Botha Leslie Carol Botha: It is good to see  doctor’s speaking out on this issue.  Cynthia Janak called this years ago when she said “Gardasil girls give the silent […]


Pro-Vaccine Extremism Threatens Democracy

May 17, 2014 0

By: Thomas McLeod, Montpelier. In her commentary of April 28, “Why we need vaccinations,” Amanda Naprawa goes to great lengths to characterize the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice as a “virulently anti-vaccine” organization that “seeks […]

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