Gardasil Girls Suffer from the ‘New Autism’

gardasil 2Contributed to TLB by: Leslie Carol Botha

Leslie Carol Botha: It is good to see  doctor’s speaking out on this issue.  Cynthia Janak called this years ago when she said “Gardasil girls give the silent faces of Autism a voice.”  Neurological damage is neurological damage – vaccine damage is vaccine damage.

Dr. David Clark, Functional Neurologist, reveals the ugly shocking truth about the Gardasil® HPV Vaccine side effects and how the damage to the nervous system, immune system  and endocrine system of young women is heartbreakingly similar to the MMR vaccine and Autism.

HPV Vaccine Damage Is The New Autism

Dr. ClarkThere are literally thousands of young girls and women in this country right now that have been damaged by the Gardasil vaccine.  You probably haven’t heard of any of these women but I’ve posted on this issue before. The scientific literature is now starting to fill up with case reports and studies and articles that irrefutably show that there is a connection between this vaccine (and it’s an ugly vaccine) and neurological damage.

Now what kind of damage are we talking about?  Well if you simply Google HPV vaccine side effects or vaccine damage, you’re going to find the walking dead.  You’ll see girls that went from smiling and happy one day to being in a wheelchair…from happy to looking like they’ve had a stroke.

It’s like the HPV Vaccine was nuclear bomb that exploded inside their body. 

This vaccine is a really nasty vaccine and the reason HPV vaccine damage is the new autism is because what’s happening to this generation of girls is what happened (and it’s still happening) to a whole generation of children via the MMR vaccine.

SIDE NOTE: mercury is not the only thing that causes autism.  Believe me, I’ve spent 10 years working with these kids and mercury’s not the only factor. Many times it’s the damage from the vaccine, the immunological assault from this vaccine that is catastrophic.

What usually happens to these women and young girls is they now have autoimmune diseases. What that means is that their immune system has been tricked.  It’s been pushed into a state where it’s now attacking their own tissue. These autoimmune conditions won’t necessarily have a name like Multiple Sclerosis or Lupus…but these women and young girls STILL have an autoimmune condition.

What tissues can be attacked and destroyed–causing a tidal wave of problems?  The GI system…the brain…their heart…their muscles.  The immune system can attack anything it wants because remember…

Normally your immune system is kind of naïve when it comes to your own tissue.  It’s never really seen that before and it knows if you will, that it’s not supposed to mobilize and try to kill your own tissues.

With the vaccine damage, especially this vaccine, the immune system gets tricked into thinking that the covering around the nerves in the brain (myelin) needs to be killed.  And so what happens you get a child or young woman who looks like they’re having some sort of acute stroke or maybe even an MS, a Multiple Sclerosis type symptom, and really what they have is they have post vaccine damage.

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