Gardasil’s Safety Record Blasted Across the World

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Do the Risks Outweigh the Benefits of Getting the HPV Vaccine?

By TLB Contributor: Leslie Carol Botha

This is the question parents need to be asking – not only of themselves but of their doctors. In order to attend school, children in many states are required to receive immunizations against childhood illnesses and other communicable diseases by the time they begin kindergarten, and then again at grade seven. In addition to medical exemptions offered in each state, 48 states allow for religious exemptions and 18 states allow personal belief exemptions for daycare and school. [1]

While the jury is still out on whether the HPV vaccines are safe and effective governments around the world are beginning to note the dangers and the physical damage done to innocent girls post-vaccination.

HPV vaccine bans around the world

In April of this year, Judicial Watch published a scathing commentary entitled:  Merck Dr. Exposes Gardasil Scandal: Ineffective, Deadly, Very Profitable. Dr. Bernard Dalbergue, a former pharmaceutical industry physician who worked at Merck &Co., has confirmed not only what Judicial Watch has disclosed on the dangers of the vaccine – but what the families of the 36,692 Reports on the HPV vaccine from the CDC’s Vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS) updated as of June 2014) adversely injured in the U.S. and around the world have reported to VAERS.

Parents Know

Just like parents of autistic children, the parents of the HPV vaccine injured know that Gardasil and Cervarix have negatively affected the safety, health and well being of their child.

Judicial Watch also reported that a member of the French parliament has denounced Gardasil’s safety record in Europe citing that young women ages 18 to 24 years old, without a prior medical history, are now affected with an array of debilitating diseases directly linked to the vaccine.

Will Gardasil Go Down in History as the Greatest Medical Scandal of All Time?

Dr. Dalbergue predicted, “…Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all times.” He believes that at some point in time it will be disclosed that the vaccine has no effect on cervical cancer – and that the only benefits from the vaccine are the profits garnered by the manufacturing companies. The deaths and injuries are collateral damages, adding that there is too much “financial interest” for the vaccine to be withdrawn. Merck & Co has made huge profits selling the vaccine to girls, young women and boys around the world. [2]

In 2009, Dr. Harper was interviewed by Sharyl Attkisson with CBS News sharing that it is unknown whether or not Gardasil’s efficacy will last longer than 5 years.

If it is not effective for more than 15 years, she stated “the most costly public health experiment in cancer control will have failed miserably.”[3]

Where are the long-term studies on the Safety and Efficacy of Gardasil?

According to the Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund, “The duration of protection of Gardasil has not been established.”

In an article, entitled: A Closer Look at HPV and the HPV Vaccine, the authors note: “Several clinical trials have been conducted, but most for under five years and none for 10 years or longer.  We still cannot be certain whether Gardasil will be effective for all women for 5 years, nor do we know what percentage of women will be protected for longer than 5 years. Because cancers take so long to develop, we will not know the true impact of Gardasil on cervical cancer for several decades.”[4]

Bill & Melinda Gates Vaccine Empire under Fire in India

On September 15, Health Impact News reported that the Gates Foundation sponsored trials are under fire in India. There is a pending historic lawsuit before the India Supreme Court, regarding the 2009 Gardasil and Cervarix vaccine trials conducted on thousands of tribal girls between the ages of 9 and 15. [5]

At the end of August, The Economic Times of India reported on the controversy surrounding the vaccine program citing that many of the girls fell ill and at least 7 deaths had been reported post vaccination. The vaccines were administered to 16,000 girls many who lived in state-run hostels. Most of the girls and the parents had no knowledge of the type of vaccine trial they were participating in; i.e. no informed consent. In addition, it was revealed that a large number of the parents or guardians were illiterate, and many consent forms were signed by hostel wardens. After reviewing the documents, the Supreme Court is now requesting that the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) explain how consent and permission for the vaccine trials were given. [6]

Colombia Reports Hundreds of Girls Affected Post-Gardasil Vaccination

First called a ‘mystery illness’ by authorities, parents in El Carmen de Bolivar a small town in northern Colombia fear their daughter’s ailments are linked to Gardasil. Minors ages 9 to 16 were struck down after receiving the vaccine injection earlier this summer. According to the Focus Information Agency (FIA), the first symptom is that their hands and feet go cold, and then they lose color and cannot move. Others convulse and fall to the floor. While some attribute the symptoms to mass hysteria, families of 369 girls and one boy place “the blame squarely on a vaccination campaign against HPV.” A surge of “unconscious” girls wheeled into the small hospital in the area has overwhelmed the facility. [7, 8]

GreenMedInfo has compiled a series of peer-reviewed abstracts on studies documenting evidence-based problems with the HPV vaccine. One of the abstracts presented is an Italian study on Pub Med citing that 61% of women in 9 regions reported an adverse event after the first administrative dose of the HPV vaccine. However, the high percentages of side effects were blamed on the design of the study “since women were requested to report all events occurring after the vaccination.” The authors of the study then noted that most of the events were “mild and transient.” [9, 10]

1/3 of Doctor’s Fail to Recommend Gardasil

Perhaps doctors are becoming increasingly skeptical about the vaccine’s safety? Just before the CDC’s annual back-to-school vaccine campaign began in earnest this year, the Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR) cited results from a 2013 National Immunization Survey – Teen (NIS-Teen) that parents of one-third of girls and half of boys ages 13 to 17 reported that their child’s physician and/or clinical office failed to recommend Gardasil during recommended visits. Ironically, the figures were published in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). [11, 12]

Know Your Rights

HPV Vaccine is ‘Recommended’ not ‘Mandated’

Parent of adolescents need to remember this statement when and if they are pressured by their physician to get their child vaccinated. However, there is legislation pending in many states that might change the recommendation to a required vaccination. Information on statewide legislation regarding the HPV vaccine can be found on the National Conference of State Legislatures web site. Currently Kentucky, New York and Virginia have pending bills that if passed, would ‘mandate’ vaccination for children and young adults in this age group.

The number of parents using exemptions is on the rise

Although, at this time the HPV vaccine is not mandated in any state in the U.S., many other vaccines are required and all parents should make themselves aware of state exemptions available for childhood vaccines. Although, at this time the HPV vaccine is not mandated in any state in the U.S., many other vaccines are required. Parents need to be aware of their state’s legal exemptions which allow children to attend school without one or more vaccinations. The exemptions can be made for religious, health or philosophical reasons, and all but two states provide some form of exemption. Be sure to learn about your own state’s exemptions and do not hesitate to utilize them as is your right.

A recent National Consumer League poll revealed that 75% of respondents believe consumers have the prerogative to decide how and if their children should be vaccinated. Unfortunately, many children are being vaccinated without their parent’s knowledge or consent. In the state of California, parents of children 12 years and older have lost their right to make decisions over their sexual health. Parental rights have been superseded by the state.


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