The Devastation Is ‘Deeper & Wider’ Than We Know

March 22, 2023 0

The Devastation is Deeper and Wider than We Know By: Justin Hart •••• •••• Three years ago, Covid-19 struck the world. In the face of a rapidly evolving public health crisis, governments and institutions implemented […]


What Did They Get Right?

February 26, 2023 1

What Did They Get Right? Reflecting on the last three years of terror, torment, and totalitarianism, a tweet from Justin Hart got us thinking. He asked a simple thought-provoking question about COVID: “Did ‘they’ get a single thing […]


Consequences For Children: Data So Far

January 8, 2023 1

Consequences for Children: Data So Far By: Justin Hart COVID-19 pandemic policies and zeitgeist have seriously messed with kids. Lockdowns and other restrictions brought on by the pandemic have really taken a toll on teenagers, […]


We Must Have Accountability

November 3, 2022 0

We Must Have Accountability •••• •••• By: Justin Hart The failures and harms from our pandemic public policies are legion! Fauci-endorsed lockdowns were ineffective (and damaging!); risks from COVID-19 are not uniform for the entire […]