Coming soon to the UK – the Lockdown Revolt

February 14, 2021 0

Intro by Kieron McFadden It has now become obvious that all the countries with no lockdown or less stringent lockdowns that Britain have far fewer Covid infections and fatalities. The ,lockdowns in other words have […]


Listen to your doctor . . . all 87,000+ of them

January 1, 2021 2

by Kieron McFadden This is a must-watch video. We are often told we should “listen to our doctor” Well here are tens of thousands of them with an urgent health warning. The whole  thing about […]


WW3 update – news of the war for your planet

December 28, 2020 1

by Kieron McFadden In August over 500 German doctors & scientists. signed up with  the CEPI Committee  (“Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee”) to investigate what’s happening on our planet with regards to COVID-19. This comes at […]


Economics for Dummies (aka Boris Johnson and Co)

December 15, 2020 0

by Kieron McFadden With the incumbent government it is difficult to judge where mere stupidity and ineptitude end and an effort to cripple the nation begins. A case in point: Someone needs to point out […]


COVID Hypothesis. What’s going on now?

December 4, 2020 0

by Kieron McFadden Vaccines properly and responsibly trialled and tested are quite possibly (possibly) a boon to mankind. Peering into the blizzard of “data” that emanates from the COVID Hoax orchestrated by the government and […]


Someone’s scared of us

November 11, 2020 1

by Kieron Mcfadden Many months ago, in the early days of this COVID19 fiasco, it because glaringly obvious the government is lying through its teeth and working a psyop against us. At the time, I […]


The road to the future is strewn with clowns

October 28, 2020 0

by Kieron Mcfadden My hypothesis at the moment is that the COVID Terror psyop is designed to PROVOKE economic travail, hardship, chaos and unrest. The masterminds behind the chaos can then move in with their […]

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