The Process of … Erasing Women

March 11, 2023 0

Erasing Women By: Thomas Klocek At one point feminism meant being able to compete with men in the workplace. It meant being able to assert the rights of all human beings regardless of their sex. […]


A recipe for disaster – the corrupt regulators

July 6, 2022 0

The regulators are funded by the industry they (hah!) regulate. As a result, products that harm and kill pervade the marketplace. There is a name for that sort of thing: it is called “corruption”. It […]


Is There a Link Between Cancer and VVV Health Mandates?

December 6, 2021 0

Is There a Link Between Cancer and COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’? Coincidence? The Key Word  NEWS WIRE Dr. Nicole Delépine Global Research Coincidence? The Key Word  Several months ago, we expressed at least “theoretical reservations” about vaccinating cancer […]

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