The Real Problem With Our Foreign Policy…

December 5, 2023 0

The Real Problem With Our Foreign Policy… By: Ron Paul Over the weekend Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin explained to the American people what’s really wrong with US foreign policy. Some might find his conclusions surprising. […]


Israeli military censorship hides the truth from you

October 19, 2023 2

ER Editor: Rumour merely via truther and former US marine veteran, Sarge, but Russian, Chinese, Indian and Turkish military are believed to be inside Israel, too. With US military strike carrier groups in the Mediterranean. […]


KEN’S CORNER: A Message to Christian Patriots

August 31, 2023 3

KEN’S CORNER: A Message to Christian Patriots Commentary by TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive Suddenly Face Book is inundated with every conceivable flavor of Christian faith, with one overwhelming similarity, as I observe. Each of […]


China Brings Peace to Middle East

April 19, 2023 1

ER Editor: Below Moon of Alabama gives us the current scope of peace possibilities in the Middle East, and how US pressure has essentially been the driving force to push other countries in the region […]


Iran and Saudi Arabia: A Chinese Win-Win

April 8, 2023 0

ER Editor: History is truly being made, as Pepe Escobar explains below, while Macron and his childminder, von der Leyen, shuffle off to Beijing for an ‘event’ that signifies nothing. See this by RT — […]

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