Sharia Patrols On The Streets Of New York City

February 9, 2019 0

Sharia Patrols On The Streets Of New York City by Susan Price, TLB Contributing Writer/Analyst It’s another liberal progressive move for the city of New York who’s NYPD have been accepting of culture diversified groups to […]



August 1, 2018 0

WATERGATE WAS PEDOGATE by Fiona Barnett The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing – the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters. – Det. James Rothstein, NYPD, Retired In […]


NYPD Looks to GPS Bottles to Combat Pill Bandits

January 15, 2013 1

The New York Police Department wants pharmacies in and around the city to fight prescription drug thefts by stocking pill bottles fitted with GPS tracking chips. Police pharmacies to hide fake pill bottles fitted with […]