Best Treatment to Cure Neuropsychiatric Disorders

November 27, 2017 0

By TLB Contributing Writer: Walter Initially, when you read or hear about neuropsychiatric disorders, you would wonder exactly what that means. Isn’t the mind separate from the body? That question is always at hand but […]


Fifteen Natural Pain Relievers To Improve Your Life

January 31, 2017 0

15 Natural Pain Relievers To Improve Your Life Contributed to TLB by: Erich #1: Heat Therapy Information: Heat Therapy(Thermotherapy) is a technique use to relieve different types of pain with increased temperatures.​ Types: Heat Pad, Sauna, […]


Cannabinoids Heal The Body

December 20, 2016 0

Cannabinoids Heal The Body By Wes Annac If this were the 60s or 70s and you told someone you were using cannabis for pain relief or to treat an illness, you might get a funny […]