Fifteen Natural Pain Relievers To Improve Your Life

15 Natural Pain Relievers To Improve Your Life

Contributed to TLB by: Erich

#1: Heat Therapy

Information: Heat Therapy(Thermotherapy) is a technique use to relieve different types of pain with increased temperatures.​

Types: Heat Pad, Sauna, Hot Tub/Bath​

Duration: With Heat Pads use only for 10 to 20 minutes. Saunas for no longer then 10 minutes.​

Tips: Add an extra towel when using a heat pad to help keep you cool. If you want to continue in a Hot Tub/Sauna step outside for a bit to cool yourself off.​

Reaction: Patients LOVE heat therapy. It can be one of the most comfortable forms of therapy there is. That being said, some people can get a bit overheated.​

Side Effects: To long of exposure can lead to burns.​

Benefits: Relieves Muscle tension, speeds healing, flushes toxins/clears skin, creates better circulation, relieves pain, reduces stiffness.

#2 Ice Therapy

Information: Ice Therapy is used to reduce pain with very low temperatures.​

Types: Ice Baths, Cryotherapy, Ice Pads​

Duration: Ice Baths/Ice Pads should be done for no longer then 20 minutes. Cryotherapy is usually only done for 1-2 minutes.​

Tips: Try and keep your mind on something else when in the Ice Bath/Cryotherapy. With Ice Pads use extra towels to keep you comfortable.Reaction: Ice baths/Cryotherapy can be a tough to get through but hold on because the benefits are amazing. Ice Pads are great for localized pain and much more tolerable.

Reaction: Ice baths/Cryotherapy can be a tough to get through but hold on because the benefits are amazing. Ice Pads are great for localized pain and much more tolerable.

Side Effects: Nerve damage, tissue damage, skin abrasions

Benefits: Can cause Constricts vessels to remove toxins, Reduces swelling, numbs pain.

#3 Therapeutic Exercises

Information: Exercises to reduce pain in a localized area.​

Types: Hip, back, neck, shoulder, arm, leg, wrist, ankle.​

Duration: Most exercises should be done in sets, or held in duration’s of anywhere form 30 seconds to 2 minutes.​

Tips: There are charts available to show you proper form and technique to help fix the effected area. Motivation is the key. Try and have somebody help motivate you to get through all the exercises.​

Reaction: Depends on the person. Some enjoy it and some don’t.​

Side Effects: Form is important. Improper form can result in making the problems worse or not relieving the pain. There can be additional pain from working out muscles you haven’t worked out before.​

Benefits: Can fix posture problems, anterior/posterior/lateral tilts, chronic/acute pain, tennis elbow, trauma, injuries.

#4 Nutrition

Information: Good nutrition is what makes our minds and bodies healthy .​

Types: Carbohydrate, Fiber, Minerals, Proteins, Vitamins, Fats, Water.​

Duration: For life. Make this a life style change.​

Tips: Eat super foods: Salmon, Avocado, Broccoli, Oatmeal, Blue Berries, Quinoa, Sweet potatoes. EAT WHOLE FOODS.

Reaction: If you don’t normally eat this way you may hate it, but your body will begin to love you.​

Side Effects: Changing diet can lead to some effects such as fatigue, withdrawals, dizziness, nausea. It may take some time for you body to get used to it.

Benefits: Can protect against heart disease, stroke, cancers, high blood pressure, obesity.

#5 Dry Needling

Information: Western technique using needles to reduce pain from targeting trigger points in and around the body. (This is not Acupuncture)​

Type: Needle Treatment.​

Duration: Procedure takes around 1-2 minutes.​

Tips: RELAX. You don’t want to tense your muscles why doing the procedure. Drink lots of water after the treatment. THIS IS ONE THING I RECOMMEND EVERYBODY WITH PAIN TO TRY.

Reaction: A bit of discomfort, but most people enjoy it – unless they are afraid of needles – which a lot of people are.​

Side Effects: Soreness, Brusing, Fatigue, Pneumothorax​

Benefits: Treats Pain, loosening joints, carpal tunnel, migraines, phantom pains, tendinitis, disk pathology, joint dysfunction, spinal dysfunction, whiplash, posture problems.

#6 Acupuncture

Information: Acupuncture is an Eastern medicine that releases trigger points on meridian channels.​

Type: Needle treatment​

Duration: 30-45 minutes a session.​

Tips: You are going to be lying down for a while so try and relax and rest.​

Reaction: Usually not very painful. Most people feel a little pressure.​

Side Effects: Soreness, Infections, Fatigue, Bruising, Dizziness.​

Benefits: Treats headaches, neck pain, osteoarthritis, allergies, mood/stress, muscle spasms, pain, acute/chronic back problems.

#7 Electrical Stimulation

Information: Uses electrical current to cause an effect on tissue and muscles.​

Type: Tens/Estem units to create electrical charge.​

Duration: 20 minutes at a comfortable level.​

Tips: Use heat or Ice for extra comfort and benefits. Turn up machine slowly so that it doesn’t jolt you. Also, you want it to feel comfortable – Don’t over do the stimulation. And don’t use it if you have a pacemaker.​

Reaction: Can have a SUPRISING effect. Most people really enjoy Electrical Stimulation. It is like sitting in a massage chair except put on a localized spot: Back, Neck, Shoulder, Arm, Leg.​

Side Effects: Dizziness, headaches, increased pain, itchy skin.​

Benefits: Increase muscle and strength dexterity, reduces pain, enhances blood circulation which promotes healing, recover faster.

#8 Massage Therapy

Information: Manual manipulation of soft body tissue.​

Type: Manual Manipulation​

Duration: Anywhere from 60-90 minutes.​

Tips: Take a nap. You probably won’t even have to try because you’ll be so comfortable.​

Reaction: Having a random person use manual manipulation can be a bit nerving and awkward. Trust the person performing the treatment. ​

Side Effects: Temporary Pain/Discomfort, Briusing, Swelling, Sensitivity to massage oil.​

Benefits: Helps headaches, soft tissue strains and injuries, sports injuries, anxiety/stress, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome.

#9 Chiropractic Adjustments

Information: Adjustments to help return bones back to normal functions/motions.​

Type: Adjustment​

Duration: Each adjustment may take anywhere from 2-3 seconds. Sessions depend on how many adjustments are made.​

Tips: This takes MASSIVE trust in the chiropractor. Just relax and trust their abilities. Most of these techniques are very safe.​

Reaction: Can make you nervous, and uncomfortable, but can also give you excellent relief.​

Side Effects: headache, fatigue, pain in the place that was treated.​

Benefits: Treats Sciatic relief, back and neck pain, head aches, frozen shoulder, scoliosis, arthritis/joint pain.

#10 Sleep

Information: Sleep is inhibited sensory activity to rejuvenate energy and boost mood.​

Type: Altered Consciousness​

Duration: Between 7-9 hours a night​

Tips: Sleeping with an elevated pillow can cause postural problems. Use heat therapy (a bath or heating pad) before bed to help you sleep easier.​

Reaction: Who doesn’t like to sleep? It is the most relaxing thing EVER.

Side Effects: Too much sleep can cause headaches, lack of sleep can cause lack of energy.​

Benefits: Muscle relaxation, helps reduce stress, elevates mood, clearer thinking, better memory.

#11 Improved Posture

Information: Is a position or the way you sit/stand or hold you body.​

Type: Positioning the body​

Duration: Life Style Fix​

Tips: When sitting/standing keep you body erect and ears over shoulders. When sitting keep your legs at 90 degrees. DON’T HUNCH OVER WHEN USING ELECTRONICS.

Reaction: Fixing posture can take some time, but it is beneficial for your health. Most people lose focus when trying to maintain posture throughout the day. Exercise properly to help strengthen your body so that your body can naturally stay in the correct postural position.​

Side Effects: Sway Back, Lower-Cross Syndrome, rounded shoulder, forward head, head tilt, uneven shoulder, posterior/anterior tilt, pigeon toes, duck feet.​

Benefits: More power, relieves back and neck pain, breathe better, Improve memory, improve mood, reduce stress on your body.

#12 Yoga

Information: Spiritual/Physical practice to help improve strength, balance and stress levels.​

Type: Exercise​

Duration: Anywhere from 30-90 minutes​

Tips: Patience is the key if you don’t have good balance or flexibility. Practice makes perfect so keep at it to improve.​

Reaction: Some of the poses can be painful, but the overall experience is very enjoyable.​

Side Effects: Wrist,Neck,Back,Ankle,Knee Pain. Vertigo, tearing ligaments and tendons, pulling muscles.​

Benefits: Increase flexibility, muscle strength and tone. Improve energy, respiration, and balance.

#13 Dry Cupping

Information: Dry cupping is suction created to tug the skin upwards, with the use of heat.​

Type: Cupping Therapy.​

Duration: 15 to 60 minutes a session. The coloring is like having a large hickey, which can take 3-7 days to get rid of.​

Tips: Don’t be like celebrities and show off your “cupping” marks – it’s not cool. Never allow cupping on/over arteries.​

Reaction: Going to feel intense tugging of the skin, but it is not painful. Feeling a lot of pressure.​

Side Effects: Bruising, burns, mild discomfort.​

Benefits: Can help migraines, anxiety, skin problems, rheumatic diseases, pain.

#14 Herbal Remedies

Information: Medicine base on the use of plants or plant extracts to be eaten or applied on the skin.​

Type: Plant health​

Duration: Life style change.​

Tips: Herbal medicine is a great and much healthier way to reduce pain over using chemical based products. It is also a healthier/better solution then using prescription drugs to get rid of pain. Use this as THE alternative.​

Reaction: Like anything, the most difficult part is getting used to change, but the way it makes your body feel and function makes you feel amazing.​

Side Effects: Skin irritation, Photo sensitivity, Sleepiness.​

Benefits: More affordable then other medications, has healing properties, helps skin conditions, can normalize digestive problems and organ function.

#15 Ultra Sound Therapy

Information: Uses sound wave frequency of 0.7 to 3.3 MHz to give a heating effect.​

Type: Sound Wave Therapy.​

Duration: Usually treatment is anywhere from 5-10 minutes.​

Tips: There are better treatments then Ultra Sound Therapy, I have seen this work but prefer Dry Needling over this for pain relief. This is not just to check pregnancy, women AND MEN can use this treatment for pain too.​

Reaction: Other then a bit of warmth and discomfort, it is a very easy going procedure.​

Side Effects: Redness from the procedure. Slight discomfort.Benefits: Get heating effects, loosens muscle tension, relieves pain.

Benefits: Get heating effects, loosens muscle tension, relieves pain.

Here is a 16th reliever for you. 

Magnetic Therapy could

benefit your pain.


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