When Did Elites Become Such Self-Serving Parasites?

October 5, 2016 0

When Did Our Elites Become Self-Serving Parasites? By: Charles Hugh Smith, Washingtons Blog When did our financial and political elites become self-serving parasites? Some will answer that elites have always been self-serving parasites; as tempting as […]

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January 2, 2016 0

by TLB Contributor Paul James Start understanding the way things really work. How you were enslaved and who all those BAR attorneys really work for – the CROWN. History of Trusts The 1st Trust of […]

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Vatican and Vaginas

January 2, 2016 0

by TLB Contributing Staff Writer: Leslie Carol Botha Holy Hormones Journal: wow – did you ever think you would hear those two words in one sentence? Why is the Vatican getting involved in women’s sexuality? […]


The Vatican and the O.T.O.

December 29, 2015 0

by David Livingstone The goal of the Illuminati is the creation of a New World Order and the eradication of “organized religion.” Before attacking Islam, in what is now called the “War on Terror”, their […]

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