Yes … They Fear You!

April 17, 2023 0

They Fear You By: J.B. Shurk Long before the Department of Homeland Security attempted to justify the formal recognition of a “Disinformation Czar” to monitor Americans’ speech or news broke that the State Department had […]


#Twittergate: Peeling Back Layers Of Deception

December 11, 2022 0

#Twittergate: peeling back the layers of deception By: Blaine L. Pardoe Friday evening, the third in a series of revelatory drops about the inner workings of Twitter was released. Adding to the stunning information already […]


Media Undertakers Must be Getting Exhausted

December 4, 2022 1

The Media Undertakers Must be Getting Exhausted By: Clarice Feldman The media worked hard to bury the FTX scandal. There a young (but well-connected to leftist politicos and media) tech slob Sam Bankman-Fried “lost” eight […]


Eagle’s Eye Report: Media Trust Implosion

May 19, 2022 0

Eagle’s Eye Report: Media Trust Implosion (Archived) Host: Roger Landry (TLB) – Co-Host & Producer: Stephen Roberts Brought to you by: – Where Freedom Roars Live Broadcast platform: ShakeAndWake Radio Network Listen to Archived […]


Internet Free Speech Is All but Dead – How They Do It

June 10, 2019 0

Internet Free Speech All but Dead Unelected, unnamed censors are operating across the Internet to suppress “unapproved” content PHILIP GIRALDI The Internet was originally promoted as a completely free and uncensored mechanism for people everywhere to […]


… Devin Nunes sues Twitter for censoring… harassment campaign

March 19, 2019 0

Republican Devin Nunes sues Twitter for censoring conservatives, alleges harassment campaign RT-USA News Republican congressman Devin Nunes announced he will file a $250 million lawsuit against Twitter for its alleged “explicit censorship” of conservatives. Nunes’ […]

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