Europe Under Siege Once Again from People-Smuggling Gangs

January 10, 2020 0

Europe Under Siege from People-Smuggling Gangs SOEREN KERN Hungarian police recently discovered two tunnels used to smuggle migrants into Hungary from Serbia. The tunnels were found at the same time that Hungarian police reported a five-fold increase in the […]


Italy: Salvini Out, Migrants In Again

September 30, 2019 0

Italy: Salvini Out, Migrants In SOEREN KERN  During just the past several weeks, the number of migrant arrivals to Italy has increased incrementally…. Many of the new arrivals are reaching Italy by using new people-smuggling […]


Germany: Stabbings and Knife Crimes are at Record High

March 4, 2019 0

ER Editor: We also recommend this piece by FreeWest Media titled Migrants over-represented in knife-crime spike in Oslo. ******** Germany: Stabbings and Knife Crimes at Record High SOEREN KERN Police reported more than 4,100 knife-related crimes […]

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