Close up and personal: the pseudovax genocide

February 23, 2023 0

by Jane Hill I’ve not held back the fact that the majority of my immediate family, friends and neighbours have all had the Covid 19 medical intervention. I refuse to call this treatment a vaccine, […]


TLBTalk Radio: As Tyranny Becomes Common

January 23, 2023 0

TLBTalk Radio: As Tyranny Becomes Common Listen to Archived Show below Intro Article See Reference Links below Archived Show •••• (SHOW SPONSOR) •••• Show Preface by Host: Roger Landry (TLB)  Hello, welcome to Episode #51 […]


How The ‘Jab Lies’ Will Play Out

January 21, 2023 0

How the ‘vaccine lies’ will play out By: Susan D. Harris The internet is exploding with talk of sudden deaths, vaccine injuries, and altered immune systems — and it’s coming from all corners of the […]


No, There Will Not Be Any “Pandemic Amnesty”

November 3, 2022 1

No, There Will Not Be Any “Pandemic Amnesty” Post by Tyler Durden | Written by Mark Jeftovic via, Nothing is Forgotten, Nothing Will Be Forgiven. On the very first day of this year I wrote […]


‘Uninformed Consent’ – A Documentary

August 20, 2022 4

Story at-a-glance The documentary “Uninformed Consent” takes a deep dive into the COVID-19 narrative — who’s controlling it and how fear was used to push novel, unproven gene transfer technology onto, and into, people of […]

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