Study: More Infant Vaccines = Higher Infant Mortality

March 14, 2023 1

Story at-a-glance In 2011, Neil Miller, Ph.D., and Gary Goldman, Ph.D., published a paper in the journal Human & Experimental Toxicology showing infant mortality rates correlated with childhood vaccination rates, with high-uptake countries having higher […]


ONCE AGAIN … Opinion Piece

December 26, 2022 0

ONCE AGAIN … Opinion Piece By TLB Contributing Partner: Christina England, BA, Hons Once again, newspapers are reporting that hospitals cannot cope with the growing numbers of people suffering from COVID-19 and the seasonal flu. […]


V-Safe Database Confirms Jab Hazards

October 18, 2022 0

Story at-a-glance V-Safe, a database managed and monitored by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is a voluntary “after vaccination health checker” deployed to collect data on those who got the COVID jab. […]


Jab-Injured Advocates Meeting With Feds

September 20, 2022 1

Vax-injured advocates meeting with Feds By: Jonathan Barnes A group of advocates for people injured by COVID-19 vaccines is meeting with federal officials in Washington, D.C. on Monday through Wednesday of this week to discuss […]

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