By TLB contributor: Steve Cook

Very few people have heard of the Tavistock Institute in London.

It was the British psychological warfare HQ during World War II, headed by the infamous British Army psychiatrist JR Rees, co-founder of the World Federation for Mental Health, whom I mentioned in Psychiatry, Tyranny and the Drugging of Children. It researches and develops psychological warfare techniques that can be used to mess with the heads of and demoralize the population of an enemy.

Unfortunately for us, the NWO crew have had psychiatry in their pocket virtually since the mad doctors strapped their first victim into a head-beating machine and their enemy is no longer (if it ever was) Nazi Germany but the general citizenry of this fair planet.

Psychiatry is abysmal at resolving what ails man but is actually quite good at making said ailments worse, inventing or causing new ones, influencing cretinous governments, pain-drug-hypnosis and what, for want of a better word, can be termed “mass brainwashing.”  They are good at mass brainwashing because they have researched and developed it and practiced it a lot using entire populations as their lab rats.

This makes them the ideal technicians for the NWO crew whose psychotic dreams of world dominion require populations to be malleable and supine for the very good reason that those dreams do not happen to include the well-being of the vast bulk of humanity and thus do not and cannot expect mankind’s support or cooperation.

The fact is, our cultural breakdown did not happen by chance. It was engineered with malice aforethought. And that engineering is centered around a particularly unsavory nest of vipers known as the Tavistock.

The Tavistock and its psychiatrists play a key role in the psychological warfare waged against the populations of Earth. As I mentioned, one of its key figure was the notorious JR Rees. The articles cited below give a fascinating outline of the Tavistock’s skullduggery, its involvement in Eugenics and so forth. It is also a matter of considerable interest that the second article states that one of Rees’ pupils was none other than the arch-eugenicist and renowned lunatic, Henry Kissinger. But he is far from the only politician to fall under the Tavistock’s thrall.


These articles are worth a study if you want to understand the game being played by the NWO cult and its minions and the depth and depravity to which they have sunk. Here they are:

  • BRITISH PSYCHIATRY FROM EUGENICS TO ASSASSINATION by Anton Chaitkin (1994) http://www.larouchepub.com/eiw/public/1994/eirv21n40-19941007/eirv21n40-19941007_028-british_psychiatry_from_eugenics.pdf. This excellent article gives a great outline of the history of the psychiatric brainwashing gang’s unholy alliance with the totalitarian elite. Personally I would only take issue with its conclusion that this whole sordid business was masterminded by a British establishment determined to bring down America. In my opinion the elite knows no national allegiances and Britain herself long since fell into the hands of the international banking cabalists such as the Rothschilds. But have a read and draw your own conclusions.
  • TAVISTOCK: THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN AMERICA by Dr John Coleman, former British MI6 Intelligence Officer.  It outlines the role played by the Tavistock. The passage is excerpted from Dr Coleman’s book The Committee of 300, and I think this book may be worth getting hold of because it gets very close to the core of suppression on this planet. http://www.barefootsworld.net/tavistok.html

My own view is that broad exposure and understanding of this psychological warfare operation is vital for the success of the freedom movement. Without that awareness, we ourselves can be manipulated and disunited, duped into arguing with one another or striking at the wrong targets, or kept bereft of broad overall unity and leadership.  American colonists once won a great victory over the elitists and hidden vested interests of their day but their oppressors did not have at their disposal the mass-manipulation tools the current crew possesses. So it is vital that we get up to speed on this aspect of the enemy’s game.

The articles I’ve cited can make grim reading but before you get too depressed, realize that exposing the crimes of these lunatics and making them generally understood provides the solvent that will unglue the whole sticky mess. There is a thread that runs through all of this, as it does through the hijacking of the money system by the same cabalists (which I have outlined for you in my book The Worm in the Apple, which you can have, free of charge here http://the-worm-in-the-apple.blogspot.co.uk). And that thread is secrecy.

These totalitarian plotters rely completely on the rest of humankind not being able to see what they are doing and not understanding how they are doing it. That reliance is their Achilles’ heel. They operate of necessity from the world’s dark recesses and live in terror of the spotlight of truth being shone upon them. They’re just criminals and murderers and like any criminal they are finished when enough good men see what they are doing and take action to bring them to justice. They have amassed so many crimes, have so much blood on their hands and are responsible for so many horrors that they live in terror of the day when good citizens descend in numbers on their Frankenstein’s castles and string them up.

So let’s shine that light and give them no place to hide.

Meanwhile, let not those who have managed to avoid being bludgeoned into a stupor sneer at the so-called “sheeple”.  Millions of our fellow human beings are sunk into an apathy below understanding or perception because they have been worked on, man! They have been worked on and worked over systematically and cruelly because SOMEBODY doesn’t want people, he wants cattle.

And we are making sure he is about to be very disappointed.



Steve Cook

Steve Cook is an author of several works of fiction and non-fiction and a freelance copywriter. His website is at www.stevecookwriter.co.uk

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