Texans Fend Off Feds in Harvey’s Aftermath: A Katrina Deja VU… ALMOST [Videos]

Texans Fend Off Feds in Harvey’s Aftermath: A Katrina Deja VU… ALMOST

by Raphaëlle O’Neil, TLB Contributing Author

Gun Grabs, Federal Aide Blocking, Prison Walmarts & FEMA Barges

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey brings a lot of Katrina deja vu with it. Gun grabs, wild west shoot outs and dangerous housing issues with new threats of FEMA camps circulating that are ringing the alarms of concern for patriots. In a battle to help its citizens against the feds’ best efforts to manage and control the situation entirely by themselves, Texans defended and upheld their SECOND AMENDMENT right to bear arms.

New testimony emerges alleging that not only were “cleansing” teams sent in to Houston in the aftermath of rescue efforts to help “clean up” looters, sans trial, Wild West style, but that yet another gun grab hiding behind “hurricane safety” excuse was attempted and failed to disarm Texans. These are the exact types of reports that came in (unofficially, of course) after Katrina unleashed chaos in her wake, only now we have a witness who has gone public with the information. The testimony can be seen here (1) narrated by TheShowmebby channel, one of the Cajun & Texas Navies volunteers who performed search and rescue missions at the time:

The witness (and others documented across youtube) go on to state how the Federal response systemically & consistently blocked citizens from helping each other in either evacuation or getting supplies & aide to other needy citizens, while grabbing all the credit for the little that is barely being done, when the truth is they put citizens in harms way by their actions and non-actions.

The difference between Texas in the aftermath of Harvey vs. New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina however, can be seen when Texans were told to hand over their guns… they DID NOT. Texans did not force its citizens to give up their constitutional right to bear arms, unlike in New Orleans, where citizens with rightful ownership of their guns were taken away from their homes and disarmed (2).

Still Texans are not out of the murky waters yet, as issues extend past looters and gun grabs, to safety and housing. Not only were people’s property and lives threatened when their homes were flooded, with little notice given to them by the authorities, but then they were thrown into dangerous housing issues while not being given the kind of aid they do need in order to get them back to work. Not everyone wants a hand out. Some just want to be able to go back to the life they had that was destroyed. FEMA (3) and the Red Cross (4) are failing miserably and supplies are not reaching their targets, according to reports.

Then there are the FEMA barges that look more like prisons then the temporary housing they are claimed to be (5). With all the videos circulating around the web of the homeless man claiming they were killing the homeless at one shelter (6) and now after Theshowmebby’s testimony that they were “flushing” out the remains of washed up humanity down river during the human hunting, one can easily understand the growing hesitation people would have about mounting these FEMA barges.

Still, others on the more skeptical side, may remain hesitant to jump on board to the idea that ethnic cleansing of homeless and alleged degenerates may be carried out outside of public scrutiny. That is fine, but we must remember the events that went down in South Carolina a few years ago when they tried criminalizing homelessness, with FEMA camps being offered as a substitute. (7).

The idea backfired on the public front, but still large numbers of homeless have come up missing for a while now (8), giving cause to keep on an eye on the situation around this issue.

With countless WalMarts across the country being remodeled to turn them into FEMA style detention centers (9) … and for no other logical reason for them… one can understand why people might be hesitant to dismiss these claims as rumors.

For some, these stories may indeed stay in the comfortable realm of modern day myth. For others, such as myself who survived Katrina and its aftermath, they are a deja vu of the social engineering attempted during and after Katrina. We know now Katrina was designed to wash our rights away along with our community… good or bad.

I too heard of the cleansing that took place in the days after the flooding unleashed its chaos. Whether you were a crazed looter on the hunt for goods or rape opportunities or whether you were a father looking for survival supplies for your kids, didn’t matter.

Two separate reports from people I knew , one from a man who worked for the Port of New Orleans (who heard it from a military personnel on the base) and the other from a source in the military (who heard it from one of his friends in service), concurred that 500 additional lives met their demise not from waters or hunger, but from bullets in a lawless state that acted as both judge jury and executioner for many of the poor souls caught in the mix.

I tried sharing this story with a friend who worked for the New York Times and he said not only was it crazy, but there was no solid evidence to back the story. When I ran into him again 6 months later, he changed his tune. He, too, now confirmed with his sources that this did indeed take place though there are no witnesses that are willing to come out and state it publicly. Despite whatever evidence, there may or may not be, we KNOW this happened in New Orleans, so why not Texas, as well?

Despite all these similarities between Texas and Louisiana, we do see one outstanding difference, Texas declared the 2nd amendment still stands in America and for that, we SALUTE YOU TEXANS and extend our deep felt “thank you” for having observed & exercised your patriotic duty!

There may be no way of avoiding the New World Order (10) that is marching forward from a not so distant horizon . . .

Will this New World Order be their’s or ours? And will our Constitutional Republic be preserved? YOU decide. When it’s your turn, MAKE THE STAND. The battle is here and now… it will require endurance. Twelve years after Katrina, Harvey victims did not repeat the mistakes made in New Orleans. VICTORY!!

The war for the sovereign soul of Americans wages on… and so, we must remain vigilant!


About the author:

Raphaëlle O’Neil is a climate engineering awareness activist & educator, and author of the children’s chemtrail book “Funny Clouds: A Chemtrail Tale”, illustrated by Sean Gautreaux. She is also a massage therapist, who’s passion for liberty has made her a freedom fighter going back her whole life, but after surviving recent assaults on the environment after Katrina and the BP oil spill, she renewed her commitment to ringing the alarm on various pressing constitutional and environmental issues as well as health issues, brought about by the Global push for mandatory Vaccinations and control of the American citizens by the 1% Elite.

Because no safeguards to a clean environment can be made without the right to freedom of speech, she was forced to defend herself against such tyranny by going up to bat for the constitution of the Unites States of America, which she did by being Press Chief for P.A.N.D.A (People Against the National Defense Authorization Act) until the birth of her child.

Podcast: Though she covers multiple issues on her podcast Beyond the Veil on her nolabutterfly youtube channel, ranging from free speech, mind control, and other shady government cover-ups. She is focused on the globalist agenda we see unfolding every day.

Raphaëlle is currently working with others to change the chemtrail narrative into one that holds anthropological cloud makers responsible for the effects of their creations…regardless of the intent… driving the making of clouds in hopes of forcing greater scrutiny, integrity & accountability on the part of the public at large. She is a contributing author/researcher at The Liberty Beacon Project.

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  1. Great article… comprehensive & historical refererences that show what’s being done right before our eyes. Armed hugs in uniforms… the real “looters” of our soveriegn right of self-defense ! And the WalMart reality of their ORIGINAL and actual purpose: Martial Law detention centers. Wake up everyone… things are not as we’re being told by media and our dumbed down society.

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