Thanksgiving for the Kids from TLB [Videos]

Thanksgiving for the Kids from TLB

by The Liberty Beacon Editors

Thanksgiving has a total different meaning to the small child as it does to us ‘big people.’

We tend to focus on ‘the meaning of the day,’ while the children around us think about having a few days off from school, all the good food being served and a chance to reacquaint themselves with their cousins and other extended family members.

If you are a guy, you remember being forced to play with that skinny 8 year old cousin with braces on her teeth. (God, what if the guys in the neighborhood should see you?)

Braces or not, she would not be intimated. She considered you a bully and a know-it-all when it came to all of the latest games. Funny how some 20 years later she had grown into a woman with the qualities of a Vogue Model… and it still stings a little… your ‘best buddy’ married her. (Trader)

Back to today and reality.

For the smaller Thanksgiving Reveller we present 3 selected cartoons for their enjoyment… for none too soon it will be their turn to face the interpersonal complications of growing up and surviving Turkey Day. 



From all of us “big kids” at The Liberty Beacon Project, we wish you (and your cousins) a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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