The 2013 World Revolt Against Monsanto Food Tyranny!

elite-global[1]By Terry Ronzio

The global March Against Monsanto is hear. Nearly three hundred cities will host what’s sure to be hundreds of thousands of protesters and activists around the globe who are taking a stand against Monsanto and GMOs. ( Obama Appoints Monsanto VP To Food Safety Czar, Are You Kidding Me? )

(Obama – Monsanto’s Cabinet Members)

Hello my friends, be prepared for some challenging truths and be warned, our governments are being exposed for the puppet pretend democracies they are…. big BUSINESS calls the shots. People …. just in the way of their progress. We can change our fate, if we unify and use the only weapon feasible to beat the global elite ( major share holders in Monsanto) People Power. uploaded by Uploaded by eboyuk on May 18, 2011

There’s nothing they are leaving untouched: the mustard, the okra, the bringe oil, the rice, the cauliflower. Once they have established the norm: that seed can be owned as their property, royalties can be collected. We will depend on them for every seed we grow of every crop we grow. If they control seed, they control food, they know it — it’s strategic. It’s more powerful than bombs. It’s more powerful than guns. This is the best way to control the populations of the world. The story starts in the White House, where Monsanto often got its way by exerting disproportionate influence over policymakers via the “revolving door”. One example is Michael Taylor, who worked for Monsanto as an attorney before being appointed as deputy commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1991. While at the FDA, the authority that deals with all US food approvals, Taylor made crucial decisions that led to the approval of GE foods and crops. Then he returned to Monsanto, becoming the company’s vice president for public policy.

Thanks to these intimate links between Monsanto and government agencies, the US adopted GE foods and crops without proper testing, without consumer labeling and in spite of serious questions hanging over their safety. Not coincidentally, Monsanto supplies 90 percent of the GE seeds used by the US market. Monsanto’s long arm stretched so far that, in the early nineties, the US Food and Drugs Agency even ignored warnings of their own scientists, who were cautioning that GE crops could cause negative health effects. Other tactics the company uses to stifle concerns about their products include misleading advertising, bribery and concealing scientific evidence. (The World According to Monsanto GMO Documentary)

(Rense & Jeffrey Smith – New Monsanto Attack – Total DNA Control 1/2 )

This Is A Two Part March 26, 2013 Interview with  Jeffrey Smith on the Jeff Rense Program. Full program available in Archives at ( Rense & Jeffrey Smith – New Monsanto Attack – Total DNA Control 2/2)

GENETIC MODIFICATION Genetic modification is discussed with Jon Rappoport and the new protection laws that could allow these companies to rule the world! (Jon Rappoport : The Evil monsanto case!!)

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The Senate passed “farmaggedon”, a bill today that is designed to empower the FDA in order to overhaul the country’s food safety regulations. Many believe this will give the FDA and Monsanto, the largest producer of genetically altered seeds, a monopoly on the food industry. Shelly Roche from says the current food safety czar Michael Taylor who is a former Monsanto employee, amplifying the connection between corporations and the government. ( Monsanto Czar Michael Taylor And The Revolving Door Between Monsanto The FDA And The EPA !)

( FDA in bed with corporate America)


In the news, co-host Rob Dew covers a host of topics, including Homeland Security’s nose under the NFL tent, ramping up last year’s TSA-style patdowns for Superbowl attendees. This year, Big Sis is tapping Hot Dog venders and other stadium employees, who they’ve trained to help spot “signs of terror” (which ridiculously include mundane and common activities including taking photos/video, writing on paper and/or talking withe police officers). VIPR teams will compliment the paranoid and expensive security-surveillance complex set up for the big game, despite the fact that no credible or specific threat even exists for the event. Further, WPRI’s Matt Touchette report yesterday that body scanners would be used at bowl checkpoints was quickly refuted by the TSA, prompting Touchette to hurriedly back track on his own report.

Other news includes:

Holder: No cover-up in ‘Fast and Furious,’ no effort to hide details of the operation…

‘US uses Depleted Uranium, makes graveyards in Afghanistan’…

After [promising to cut ties] with Planned Parenthood, Komen donations up 100 percent…

Help stop former Monsanto VP from attaining top position at the FDA…

HPV Vaccine Victim’s Advocacy Group Sends Open Letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius…

Bernanke urges caution in overly rapid deficit cutting…

Colorado Republican faces questions after she was granted immunity during a DUI stop…


( FDA is GMO Friendly Under Monsanto’s Michael Taylor: Infowars Nighlty News)

( Obama Appoints Monsanto VP To Food Safety Czar, Are You Kidding Me? )


We have Jeffrey Smith with us on the program to talk about his bestselling books “Seeds of Deception” and “Genetic Roulette”. Jeffrey has been exposing the shocking facts about how genetically modified organisms have entered our lives with the aid of government and corporations like Monsanto. He links GMO to toxins, allergies, infertility, infant mortality, immune dysfunction, stunted growth, cancer and death. Listen to this one hour program to learn more about the research and studies that prove that genetically modified foods are detrimental to your health, what foods you need to avoid and how genetically engineered plants now are contaminating the natural biosphere. Topics discussed: GMO, FDA, Dr. Arpad Pusztai, Project Censored, Monsanto, Robert Shapiro, Obama’s Green Revolution in Africa, Michael Taylor, The Global Seed Vault, GMO Labeling, Corn Syrup, EU Rules, Genes, Animal Testing, Roundup Ready Corn, “Roundup Ready Gut Bacteria”, Contamination, GMO Salmon and “Frankenfish”.  ( Red Ice Radio – Jeffrey Smith – Pt 1 – Seeds of Deception, GMO )

In Video 2 Jeffery Smith Talks About food safety czar Michael Taylor   (Red Ice Radio – Jeffrey Smith – Pt 2 – Seeds of Deception, GMO )

Here’s The Link To… ( The Revolving Door Between Monsanto The FDA And The EPA : Your Safety in Peril ) Here’s The Link To…( American Kabuki: Monsanto Influence in the FDA, USDA and EPA ) Here’s The Link To (Nancy  Pelosi’s Controversial Marxist Connections )



( Red Ice Radio – Jeffrey Smith – Pt 3 – Seeds of Deception, GMO)

( Red Ice Radio – Jeffrey Smith – Pt 4 – Seeds of Deception, GMO)



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(Red Ice Radio – Jeffrey Smith – Pt 5 – Seeds of Deception, GMO )

Alex talks with first-time filmmaker Kristin Canty on today’s broadcast. Canty is the director and producer of Farmageddon: The Unseen War On American Family Farms, a documentary available at the Infowars Store. Canty’s quest to find healthy food for her four children turned into an educational journey to discover why access to these foods was being threatened. What she found were policies that favor agribusiness and factory farms over small family-operated farms selling fresh foods to their communities. Alex also talks with Linda Faillace, author of Mad Sheep: The True Story Behind the USDA’s War on a Family Farm. The book documents one family’s struggle against a bullying and corrupt government agency that long ago abandoned the family farmer to serve the needs of corporate agriculture and the industrialization of our food supply. Faillace appears in Canty’s Farmageddon.!/RealAlexJones [Check out Kristy on Twitter]!/kristincanty




()Here’s The Link To My Blog (THE FDA And THE AMA Are Trying To Destroy Vitamin Industry ( THE HERBAL REVOLUTION )Here’s The Link To My Blog ( Jon Rappoport : The FDA is A Rogue Criminal Agency)


The day of the Smoking Gun has arrived.

The discovery of a page, on the FDA’s own website, proves the FDA is fully aware that:

the drugs it certifies as safe have been killing Americans, at the rate of 100,000 per year.

The FDA website page is currently available under the heading, “Why Learn About Adverse Drug Reactions,” and it can be Googled. (Click here to go directly to the FDA page.)

The implications of this Smoking Gun are hard to grasp in any rational way.

The FDA takes no blame, no responsibility for its actions, and yet it admits the death statistics are accurate.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

As an investigative reporter, I have been tracking and writing about pharmaceutically-caused deaths for 10 years. I have, on numerous occasions, cited Dr. Barbara Starfield’s report in the July 26th, 2000, Journal of the American Medical Association, in which she presents the figure of 106,000 deaths per year, in America, as a result of these drugs. I have claimed that the federal government and, in particular, the FDA, are aware of these numbers.

And now the page on the FDA’s own website confirms the death toll. Yet, nowhere do we see the FDA taking one shred of responsibility for this ongoing holocaust.

Holocaust? Add up the figures. Medical drugs cause 100,000 deaths in America every year: that means a million Americans are killed every decade.

Understand this very clearly. No medical drug in America can be released for public use until and unless the FDA states it is safe. The FDA is the agency responsible for every such decision on every drug. The buck stops there.

Yes, the FDA has a “special relationship” with the pharmaceutical industry. Yes, the FDA utilizes doctors on their drug-approval panels that have ties to the pharmaceutical industry. But, in the end, it is the FDA official seal that opens the gate and permits a drug to be prescribed by doctors and sold in the US. by Jon Rappoport ( Jon Rappoport : The FDA is A Rogue Criminal Agency ! )





( FDA is A Rogue Criminal Agency )


On the April 22 Sunday Edition of the Alex Jones Show, host Mike Adams talks with Jon Rappoport, who has written about the globalist cartel, medical fraud, deep politics, and health issues. He is the author of several books, including: Oklahoma City Bombing: The Suppressed Truth, The Ownership of All Life : Notes on Scandals, Conspiracies and Coverups, and The Secret Behind Secret Societies : Liberation of the Planet in the 21st Century. Rappoport is presently vice-president of the publishing house Truth Seeker Company, Inc.!/RealAlexJones

( Medical Tyranny and Murder In The Matrix )


( Medical Tyranny and Murder In The Matrix)



The latest round in conventional medicine’s ongoing attempts to discredit (and ultimately outlaw) nutritional supplements is found in a highly questionable study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which claims that vitamins actually increase the risk of death.

The study claims to have analyzed a collection of previous studies on Vitamin A, beta carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and selenium, concluding that most of the nutrients are actually dangerous to human health. Of course, this is research from conventional medicine — an industry that promotes patented chemicals as perfectly safe, even though FDA-approved pharmaceuticals are killing 100,000 Americans each year. (Imagine the uproar if vitamins killed even a fraction of that number…)

To avoid getting hoodwinked by questionable research on “vitamins,” you have to strongly consider the financial interests of the source of this research. JAMA accepts millions of dollars in advertising from drug companies each year, and its pages are absolutely packed with drug ads. The American Medical Association, for its part, has long worked to discredit alternative medicine and has even been found guilty by U.S. federal courts of engaging in a conspiracy to destroy chiropractic medicine. The AMA, which is largely considered a joke by anyone familiar with natural health, is hardly a credible source for publishing scientific findings on nutrition. To protect the multi-billion dollar drug industry, the AMA would say practically anything, I believe.

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