The Air Force Is Preparing to Steal the Land of Millions of Americans

By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

The F-35 and trickle down tyranny.

The F-35 and trickle down tyranny.

The title of the article is not hyperbole. The Air Force is indeed preparing to steal as many homes as needed to fulfill two objectives: (1) To ensure the profitability of the military industrial complex (2) To use the mission of the Air Force to drive down home values, in the adjacent areas to a planned CANAMEX highway and to force as many people as possible off of their land in the process in furtherance of the North American Union (SPP).

We estimate that anywhere from 15 million Americans to 20 million Americans will be impacted by the Air Force’s shenanigans and will suffer greatly reduced property values or be forced off of their land entirely WITHOUT COMPENSATION.

How is the Air Force going to do it? Is your property safe if you don’t live in the immediate area adjacent to an Air Force base? How has the Air Force become the prostitute of the globalists? These questions, and many more will be answered in this article.

The Air Force Has Indeed Become the Prostitute of the Globalists

All across this country, in more than a dozen cases and growing, the Air Force is busy forcing people off of their land in order to preserve the profits of Lockheed Martin and other military industrial complex organizations. The newer breed of Air Force aircraft (e.g. F-22, F-35) is far too noisy to be compatible with nearby metropolitan areas. The Air Force has become excessively underhanded in dealing with the public on this matter.

The F-16, the backbone of the Air Force for decades, is loud, very loud. Cities in proximity to Air Force bases have barely been able to coexist and in some cases they have not. The F-22 and the F-35 are several times louder than the F-16. In fact, the two planes are 4-12 times louder than the F-16 depending on the type of maneuvers being executed by the planes. The Air Force is lying and they will tell you there is no difference in sound, but I have the original sound test studies performed at Eglin Air Force Base by sound engineer, Bob Webb, who makes these claims as part of an Air Force study that he headed. The scientific studies demonstrate that the decibel levels of these planes are consistent with an increase in strokes, heart attacks, hearing loss, generalized anxiety disorder and a whole host of other ailments. So, not only are the property rights of millions of Americans at risk, so is their health.

The Air Force has been quick to enforce draconian rules which render a property valueless and useless. However, in most cases, the Air Force further restricts personal property rights through obtaining support from local politicians, who in turn are coerced into passing laws which ultimately force people off of their land. The Air Force accomplishes controlling local politicians by telling them that they can arrange Federal projects to be awarded to their area, resulting in a temporary economic boom. This results in obtaining their unwilling cooperation. In exchange, the local leaders only need to screw the rights of a minority of the people in their community. All Air Force bases work off of the same playbook and consistently tell the local leaders that if they do not cooperate, that the base will close resulting in a loss of billions of dollars in revenue in their local area. As an aside, when a base closes the profitability of the area goes up dramatically (e.g. Lowry AFB and Fitzsimmons bases in Denver). The nearby Community Initiatives Team of each base then threatens to ruin the political career of any uncooperative local leader by letting their constituents know that their actions resulted in economic harm to their area. Further, the Air Force organizes the retired military personnel in proximity in taking up the position of the base. These retired veterans serve as the de facto public relations team which is trained to shout down all opposition. It is lobbying by proxy. ”Luke Forward” is such a group in my area.

The Air Force subsequently tells the local veterans that if they do not help the Air Force preserve and expand their mission, they will lose access to their military medical and shopping benefits because the base will close. The veterans, mayors and city councils all form a team created by the Air Force’s intimidation to force people off of their land in order to make way for these new planes that are significantly louder and incompatible with local developments.

The Veterans groups then become the unified swat team which goes after uncooperative local leaders. This is exactly what happened in El Mirage, Arizona. The city presented the Pentagon with a $400 million dollar bill for restricted property rights resulting in the loss of local revenue. The forces of the media, the Air Force and the retired military veterans sprang into action and forced a complete change in the government of the city. And when the residents of the city begin feeling the effects of the F-35, little will they realize that their properties will be restricted resulting in financial ruination and their health will be in jeopardy as well. Today, the city government of El Mirage is made up of people who have a financial stake in the viability of nearby Luke Air Force Base.

What I have described here is going to repeat across this country 50-60 times in the next few years. Some of us who have already been through this fight are here to tell the rest of the nation that you are about to be invaded by the US Air Force.

How The Air Force Steals Your Land

The Air Force does not have to outright legal authority seize your property, without compensation. If they did so, they would have been guilty of committing an act of eminent domain which would require that full compensation be paid to the homeowner. If the Air Force restricts your land, or does harm to your land resulting in a lowering of property values, under the law, they are required to pay the owner full value for their property. This process is called inverse condemnation from which the courts and most State Constitutions have determined is the same as eminent domain. The Air Force has learned how to get around this legal hurdle through the political intimidation process described in the above paragraphs in which they turn retired veterans groups and local leaders into their personal lobbyists.

The most popular way that the Air Force steals your land has to do with the permitting process. The Air Force Community Initiatives team from your local base will coerce local governments to pass unconstitutional property rights restrictions which ultimately forces people off of their property. For example, in my community, we once had a permitting exclusion placed upon rebuilding if our properties were in need of repair because we would be denied a permit (e.g. rebuilding for damage caused by fire, weather). If our homes would have been damaged, we would have been forced to walk away and suffer financial ruination courtesy of the Air Force and their criminal local government partners.

By the way, the act of lobbying by a military body is expressly forbidden under the Military Code of Justice. However, we are playing in a game with no rules. When I confronted Rusty Mitchell, the director of the Community Initiatives team at Luke Air Force Base, a man who never met a lie he would not tell, he said we are only telling the politicians what we need to complete our mission. It is lobbying and the Air Force is breaking its own laws.

The Air Force Controls the Local Media

The Air Force also controls the media, who becomes their ally in the subjugation of untold numbers of properties. For example, at Luke Air Force Base in the Phoenix area, the Arizona Republic vilifies any individual or group who stands in opposition to draconian policies of the base and its local leaders.

My community formed a group called the Arizona Coalition to Protect Personal Property Rights (ACPPR). I was the spokesperson and was in charge of dealing with the media. Subsequently, my wife and I met with the editorial board of the Arizona Republic, the largest daily in Arizona. We presented to them an air tight case of how the Air Force and local politicians were violating the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution as well prior case law in restricting our properties. The director of the board, Vaneta Hawthorne James, a throwback to the demeanor of Angela Davis, leaned across the table and said “I understand about your rights Mr. Hodges, but for the greater good, you need to get off your land”. I asked her if she meant without compensation and she said, “Yes”!

The Arizona Republic is owned by Gannet Broadcasting. Gannet is owned by Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin manufactures the F-35. Need I say more? From community to community, the corporate names change a bit, but the same nefarious chain of corporate custody remains the same.

The Hodges Family and the Air Force

Eleven years ago, my family purchased a 1.5 acre home in rural Arizona. There are no streetlights, the nearest grocery store is 14 miles away, the nearest gas station is 10 miles away and we believed that we had found paradise. There are 4 basic housing developments spread out over thousands of square miles. We live in unincorporated Maricopa County, the home of the famous Sheriff Joe, the toughest sheriff in nation.

Our home was to be our retirement home, but we also thought it would be a great place to raise a family because it was away from the gangs and the graffiti of our former neighborhood. What we thought was our paradise, became our nightmare.

A few months after we moved in, the permitting restrictions commenced. This led to a seven year battle with local politicians. There were a few politicians who stood up for us. None of them are in office today as a result of the Luke Air Force Base public relations swat teams. But remember, the Air Force does not lobby. Our military likes to go into other countries even when it is not warranted, why shouldn’t they do the same to American homeowners when it fits their purpose?

As the spokesperson for ACPPR, I attracted a lot of media attention and I was frequently misquoted and made me look like I was anti-Air Force, anti-war effort and anti-American. I suffered great loss to my professional reputation. However, there was one man that liked what I was doing and the was the late Pete Peterson, who at that time, owned KBSZ radio. He gave me a local show from which I used to enter the media profession. Those of you who have wondered where I came and have suspected me of being a disinfo agent because I magically appeared upon the scene, owe me an apology. This is how I became engaged in my fight against the New World Order. As I soon discovered that this fight was not just about the profitability of Lockheed Martin and the advancement of military careers, I learned as much and communicated as much as I could on the topic of the NWO.

This fight is not just my fight, this fight belongs to millions of Americans.


An Awakening: A Globalist Conspiracy

One late night, I was going over my notes and discovered that there were four areas impacted by the Air Force in Arizona in terms of going after individual property rights. The four areas consisted of my area north of Surprise, parts of Tucson, Gila Bend and Yuma. Adjacent to my notes, was a news release telling Arizona how wonderful the CANAMEX Highway would be for travel and corporate profit when the construction was complete. I discovered at that moment that the four areas under fire from the Air Force identically matched the four planned CANAMEX routes into Arizona.

The CANAMEX is the transportation corridor of the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). CAFTA represents a free trade agreement which has resulted in the loss of protective tariffs and the flight of manufacturing and jobs to foreign markets in search of cheap labor. Subsequently, another goal of the Air Force is to use its mission to drive out homeowners in the vicinity of a CANAMEX corridor in order to suppress property values. The land needed by the globalists for their highway is funded 50% by the state and local government and 50% by the Federal Highway Transportation Administration. Their goal is to make that land acquisition as cheap as possible. The Air Force’s mission, of ensuring the profitability of Lockheed Martin, is also being used to make land acquisition costs along these planned CANAMEX Highways as cheap as possible. I ran the odds of these four coincidences being due to mere luck (I used to teach statistics at the undergraduate level), and the odds were calculated at 65 million to one! There can be little doubt, that this is a conspiracy involving the bankers and the Air Force. By the way, who do you think is behind the CANAMEX and CAFTA? It is some of the same bankers that own the military industrial complex. These people are unquestionably brilliant.

I further discovered that CAFTA and NAFTA were about destroying American sovereignty through the creation of the over-arching Security, Prosperity Partnership (SPP). This is the North American Union. I learned very quickly that the stories being told by alternative media writers and talk show hosts about how a small group of men were attempting to control world finance and wanted to eventually create a world government, were indeed true!! I subsequently became engaged in this fight and have not looked back.

The CANAMEX and the NAFTA Superhighway will encompass 80 current highway corridors in America. The millions of Americans along these planned routes will have trouble with the military, not realizing the real goal is the expansion of the North American Union. These free trade agreements spell the death of America because of the loss of jobs and the continued influx of millions of unskilled workers into America which serves to break the backs of our infrastructure and is destroying the wages of the American middle class.

And how did our fight turn out? My community is the only community who stood up to the Air Force and made them back down. Through a series of backroom deals, I got a public interest law firm to represent us and we got as far as the courthouse steps and the other side blinked, at least temporarily. I am not naive enough to believe that Rusty Mitchell and his Luke AFB Community Initiatives Team are done with us. They will return. And millions of you are going to be facing the same challenges as we have.


If you think this article is a personal narrative, you are incorrect and have missed the point of this article. I have fought the Air Force and have won a temporary battle. They will be back. My warning to the American people is two-fold. First, your property is at risk if you live in proximity to an interstate highway as they will all be converted to international corridor status under these free trade agreements. This will lessen the value of your land. Second, if you live near a planned CANAMEX or NAFTA highway, you are in serious jeopardy with regard to your property rights and financial future. Third, there are communities in Vermont, Virginia Beach, Valparaiso, FL., Yuma, AZ., Gila Bend, AZ., Northwest Maricopa County, AZ., Georgia and many more who are communicating because we know what is at stake. This threat is widespread and real.

My group was guilty of spinning its wheels in the early days of this fight. The key to winning this fight for our property rights is to control our local politicians. Without the local politicians, the Air Force is dead in the water.

In conclusion, if you live near an interstate or planned CANAMEX/NAFTA highway, you are at risk. And if you live in America, you are at risk. These free trade agreements spell the economic death of America.

I have enjoyed my time away from this fight, but after a conversation I had with the Tucson leadership last night, I know that I am about to become engaged again. I propose, my fellow Americans, that you do your homework and if you discover you are at potential risk, please contact me and will lock arms and meet the globalists at the gates of hell.


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