Why Are So Many Soldiers Committing Suicide?



By TLB Staff Writer: L. Femine.

For every soldier that dies in battle, 25 veterans die by suicide every year. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta calls it an epidemic.

As of today, 33 percent of the US Army is on psychiatric drugs. However, that figure is most likely much higher since these pills are so often just doled out and no records kept, plus soldiers share them with their buddies – according to a documentary called “The Hidden Enemy,” produced by Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

It’s called suicide but let’s call a spade a spade – we are looking at MURDER. There is no other word to describe it, justify it, change it, soften it or make it right in any way. 11846[1]Psychiatric drugs kill. If they don’t kill the body, they kill the spirit and the mind; though the latter two, if you really look at it, are worse than the death of the body.

It’s no accident; that is the real intention, as real as a hunter aiming at a deer. If this is the case, we might wonder: why kill our own servicemen if they are supposed to be there to defend this country? Why kill our own – like some deranged animals that eat their young?

Well, aside from the fact that psychotics make no sense and could leave your mind spinning in its attempt to extract any sanity from their motivations, there are specific reasons, though I wouldn’t call it “reasoning” which suggests rational thinking.

By the way, do you think a psychotic is simply a raging lunatic screaming in the streets or wrapped up in a straight jacket? No, that’s just the very final stage. During their life, they practice their specialty which is looking “normal.”  Like you and me. They have to appear sane; otherwise you might “see” them and what they are plotting every minute of the day – one form of destruction or another. But they are often difficult to spot.

That brings me back to the globalists and their thinking, now that I’ve presented a part of their resume. So, their purpose in killing servicemen is the same as their purpose in killing anyone else when you get to the bottom of it. They’re psychotic and psychotics kill – without prejudice.

Psychiatry and psychiatric drugs are their tools of choice. There are many other tools, of course, but these work well for them with all the legality and support granted them by a corrupt and dangerous government, aside from their supposed “therapy.”



But still, why such a high percentage of servicemen on these drugs? Well, it’s simple. The drugs cause suicide and murderous tendencies. A soldier on a psychiatric drug will be more inclined to kill their (so-called) enemies, making a more efficient soldier.

If they happen to commit suicide, well that’s just a “casualty” of war. One might make a surface observation and consider these suicides happen simply because they are unhappy soldiers who want out. No, it’s the drugs. In fact, one-third of these suicides are committed by soldiers who have never seen combat.

An even further benefit is the scenario where the soldier survives his tour, comes home, still on drugs, and murders his family or some kids in a school. Then the psychotic can say – see, that blood is not on my hands.

oladi20110813145054653[1]If they don’t kill anyone, they slowly kill themselves with the drugs and make lives miserable for those around them. That renders them just as “harmless” as if they were dead, according to the psychotic.

Another fringe benefit for these madmen is the fact that a soldier coming home, fully trained in marksmanship, is not allowed to own a gun once he has been declared mentally unstable. The fact is 80 percent of servicemen say they will not fire on their own citizens in case of a revolution. In that case, who WILL they fire on…if they were allowed to have a gun?  A paranoid psychotic would not have to think too deeply to arrive at an assumption on that one.

miltarysuicidesprozacssri1[1]It all fits together under the umbrella of psychiatry and their drugs which solve a panorama of problems for these insane globalists. The drugs cause victims to kill themselves which removes one more ‘threat” from their lives.

So why kill off the military? Well, there’s an abundance of Chinese and Russian military waiting in the wings – or established here already – ready to put down insurrection, if and when it comes. What do they care? They’re not Americans. And they come fully equipped with socialism for which this country is covertly being prepped.

What is the answer? The same as many other writers and speakers have said – exposure. We shine the light on them more and more. They will scurry like roaches. And like roaches, they can’t do anything but leave crap around.

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