The Christian Right & A Few Lefts

The Christian Right & A Few Lefts

Politics by: Bill the Butcher

Meet my ancestor Orin Porter Rockwell (Featured Image, top). Eye like an eagle, sworn to save the life of the prophet of the Lamb. He was too late the night Joseph Smith was killed, and he never made that mistake again. Couldn’t read or write and died at old age in his bed because he believed Joseph when he told him, “Never cut thy hair or beard and no bullet or blade will pierce thy skin!” And they never did! His mother was Sarah Jane (Witt) Rockwell. I am Wilbur Witt, and we all came from Massachusetts in the early 1800s.

Spoke with Roger yesterday about fine tuning my subject matter here on the Beacon. Roger runs The Liberty Beacon like a sharp shooter with a .306 deer rifle, and I run The Butcher Shop like an old time Texas Sheriff with a double barrel shotgun. Let me explain.

We have an active invasion across our southern border, and let me tell you, brothers and sisters, they don’t all speak Spanish and none of them are coming to pick oranges. They buy and sell little girls by the six pack, and pass laws forbidding us to even call them out by their names. We have a president who can’t walk across a stage, stroking little girls’ hair while talking about his hairy legs. Where is Chris Hansen when we need him?

And what do we do. We sit around and hope these freaks will find Jesus. I’m in agreement with that. I think we need to arrange the meeting. You must ask yourself. What would Porter do? Well, he’d crucify them upside down somewhere up in the Wasatch. That’s what he’d do. He saw what out of control people do when they’re left unrestrained. He saw it at Haun’s Mill. He saw it in Utah. He saw it on his own farm! He saw it when an angry mob murdered his best friend, and he cried, “Enough!” Vengeance is Mine saith The Lord! And Old Port was fine with that, but he did take a little himself!

America will survive. People came here because was because they were fed up with there! We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy! A democracy is three wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for supper. Democracies fall. Republics last longer. Ask the Greeks how that war with Rome worked out for them.

America will survive. The only question is what will it look like. When that wolf is at your door your interpretation of the Second Amendment will change drastically. When it’s your little girl, your wife or your mother you will see Porter’s philosophy clearly.

It’s too messy for a simple clean up. This is well beyond Molly Maid. This will take the determined, combined efforts of good Christian men and women who will stand up and be willing to die to protect the future of our little ones who depend on them!

I understand. We are supposed to be a part of a representative government. But they don’t represent us anymore. They represent them! The reprehensible, the perverted, the demonic, the antithesis of everything you should hold holy and good! Do I have to tell you people everything?

So, I promised Roger that I’d focus on politics here. I’d zero in on the issues of the day, keep it clean, and be a good boy. There! Is this political enough for you? God Bless ‘Murica!

                                                                              The Butcher

We live in perilous times. We have let democracy and social acceptance run rampant across America to the point that a bunch of perverts are now advocating cutting private parts off our little boys and killing all our little girls in the womb. You don’t need wild-eyed conspiracy theorists pointing at jet exhaust in the air. Just read the mortality rate of the people stupid enough to take an unproven vaccine purported to protect us from a scientifically formulated virus sent by our worse enemies to wipe us out.


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  1. wow well said pretty much hit what’s happening on the head. I even agree it’s almost time to make introductions. people are asleep. it takes an angry person to get others attention sometimes. someone to shake them out of their slumber.

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