The Grass Ain’t Green, It’s Brown Down In Texas

The Grass Ain’t Green, It’s Brown Down In Texas

By: Bill the Butcher & Ms Tina Tx

Back in old time Texas when two adversaries had an issue that was insurmountable they met in the street at high noon and hoped their powder was dry. If one got lucky the problem was solved then and there. There are times when guns were a blazing right in the state house. Right after the civil war the appointed yankee governor had to be evicted from the governor’s mansion by a crowd when he refused to accept the results of the election.

So now we have the word salad gunfight between Ken Paxton and Dade Phelan. Austin ain’t big enough for me and you, partner. Now Ken is about as big a Jack a lope as they come but Dade has recently tried to steal his crown by slurring more than Ron White on a Saturday night. After he showed his entire posterior during his service as Speaker of the House Paxton called for him to resign, whereupon the Phelan called for impeachment on Ken. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Now, y’all know we’re talking about a couple politicians here, right? Ok, Dade was drunk. You do know there’s a bar in the executive restroom. And Paxton? Where do we begin? Dude’s been indicted! Been indicted! Five years ago for securities fraud and he’s still walking around drawing a check. Well, he was until yesterday when his fellow statesmen handed him his stuff in a cardboard box and showed him the parking lot. I just checked that on Google and he’s already being called Former Attorney General. That’s a whole new level of fired.

But don’t start feeling good Billy the Kid Dade yet. Drinking habits aside, he is a RINO. Republican In Name Only. Don’t laugh. You have ‘em in Washington too. Don’t believe me. Why do you think the Congress up there in Devil City has such a problem with Donald Trump? Because he dated some ugly chick thirty years ago? No! Because he’s three hundred pounds of pure republican. That’s why.

I really can’t tell if Dade was drunk or not. I’ve been to the Texas Congress, and I’ve heard him speak, and I haven’t understood a single word he ever said. Frankly, if you’re up in the gallery you can’t hear them anyway. All you hear is that hammer fall and the next thing you know we have more Mexicans than we did the day before.

But, that having been said, Paxton is gonna lose this gunfight. There were one hundred and twenty one Cowboys shooting at him from the saloon. That makes him pretty much dead on arrival. And besides that this herd of RINOs have other business to consider like solving the problems with the electrical grid by turning all the windmills in West Texas. I crappith Thee Not! They’re really doing that.

Texas is not weird or unusual. Like the song says The state of the Union is the State of Texas! But please remember: You don’t have to bury a politician. Just drive a stick through their ears and screw ‘em in the ground.



Texas .. where you can be drunk in the state house and impeach the one who stands up to you… within a few days!… All RINOs raise your right hand…all 60!

Paxton’s call for Beaumont Texas Phelan’s resignation came after video circulated on social media went viral of Phelan appearing to slur his words as he presided over the House chamber at the end of Friday’s late-night session Paxton did not present any evidence beyond the video clips to support his claim that Phelan was drunk. Boy did that get hushed quick! Next thing you hear is IMPEACH PAXTON! Seems to me that RINO republicans orchestrated a democrat inspired insurrection in Texas. Maybe a coup to install George P Bush?

Reminds me of the last impeachment sham.. Or apparent form of distraction.. We sure are seeing a lot of happenings now that elections are coming up. Like strange train derailments and now 60 K pounds of missing ammonium nitrate. Senate members offered satellite phones? Do ya think they might be expecting some kind of upcoming man made or natural disaster?

Telegram sure is hot right now with warnings to buckle up because the months ahead could be a rough ride.

We were warned of billionaires like HE Butts of yep ..good ole HEB … that plan on turning Texas blue. Can you see Texas patriots standing yet? Locked loaded and ready!

Well folks I don’t rightly know what lies ahead before election 2024 .. but I hope the Beatles were right when the song ended with … You know it’s gonna be alright…

Ms Tina Tx
Born .. Raised and Still Standing above the grass of the Loan Star State..


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