The Coming Year – What Will it Bring?

leader[1]By TLB Staff Writer: L. Femine.

I’m sure there’s going to be hundreds, maybe thousands of blogs and articles written this coming week filled with wondering, predicting, anxiety-ing and maybe some hoping about what will happen in 2014.

Some people may view the hopeful ones as just a bunch of naïve blabbering and delusion. After all, the planet is caving in from all the suppressive forces at work. We are inundated with threats to our body, mind and spirit. Isn’t that all we have time for? To beat the hell out of them like flies on our picnic table, spoiling all the fun?

I have to admit, these are very exciting times, as that old Chinese saying goes – “May you live in interesting times.” Actually it’s a curse. Well, maybe that makes it even more exciting. How many of you can admit you like a good, scary fight now and then?

That’s a big part of life actually – the good fighting the bad and the bad fighting back. It’s been going on since way long before you and I were born – and my birth certificate has cobwebs on it.

I hope none of you are expecting predictions here. First of all, I don’t keep close track on statistics of how many people are dying or becoming ill from GMO food, wars, bad medicine, bad government and psychiatric drugs. But there’s certainly enough damage to say – time out! These bad dudes who are creating all this hell have to be taken out. Now, I don’t mean killing them. I don’t want to end up in a FEMA camp for saying such a “terrorist” thing.

Besides that, murder never solves any problems anyway, even if you call it assassination or casualties. Read your history books. When did you come across a factual story of a land where peace settled eternally, filled with joyous harmony and creation after a war? Wasn’t World War 1 proclaimed as the war to end all wars?

The best way to do away with the oppression is by exposure. Keep shining the lights through articles like these, blogs, word-of mouth, radio shows, etc. Heck, stand on a corner and pass out fliers.

So I won’t take out a crystal ball but I will suggest a thought here – we should do more and more of this exposure in the coming year. The reason I say “thought” and not “prediction” is because thoughts, especially agreed-upon ones, become things in the real, live world. It’s really why we have a world with all its awesome beauty, uniqueness and variety. We don’t have to predict; we just create it. Then that becomes the prediction.

We don’t have to depend on some political guru to tell us what’s going to happen because we MAKE what’s going to happen. The future is yours and mine, regardless of how powerful and overwhelming the bad guys appear. Maybe it’s BECAUSE they appear that way. We humans just love a challenge and boy, do we have one now!

True, we have to be alert and aware of our surroundings and what’s happening to it, to ourselves, our family and our friends. We need to keep these threats at bay while we expose them. But, at the same time, we keep creating a future on a higher order. Right now, as you can see, they are trying to create a future for us on a very low order.

If you can take a moment right now and do some energetic imagining, you might feel better. How do you want your world to be? Can you see it without war? Without all the crazies telling you what you can and can’t have or do? Can you see what it might be like?

Indeed we have a big fight ahead of us. But keep in mind what you want at the end. We will fight forever if we don’t create the goal of a happy, creative, productive planet with sanity the rule of the day. Don’t worry, we’ll still have some games and challenges to keep us all busy.

Imagine that!



LucilleL. Femine is a Staff Writer and Print Media Director for The Liberty Beacon project.

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