The Constitution in Crisis: Is Congress Obsolete


Commentary by TLB Contributor: Sheila Zilinsky

Folks, regardless of what you may think, see, read or hear, we are in a constitutional crisis right now!! I’ve said this repeatedly on my show that we are witnessing the maniacal destruction of the USA and its Constitution. We are witnessing a coup d’état!!

We’ve moved from a soft, ambiguous tyranny to a more aggressive full-out dictatorial, tyrannical imperialism. Thousands of unconstitutional regulations, presidential fiat, domestic spying, a draconian police state, IRS abuses, prosecutorial abuses, refusal to execute laws, changing laws … the list goes on and on to the point of nausea.

Congress has the power to obstruct the President’s agenda, particularly a president like this who’s blatant actions so often fall outside the confines stated by our founding documents, and in many cases the written law as well. Well, whats the problem … the holdup … that’s their bloody job! Congress is a legitimate body that is elected by the people to protect the freedoms, rights and interests of said people … We The People!

cantor_boehnerThe GOP has already surrendered the power of the purse (GOP Surrenders on Debt Ceiling) So Republicans of the House of Representatives, I have a resolution for you boys. Try this:

“Whereas the president of the United States has asserted executive powers not granted to him by The United States Constitution, the United States House of Representatives hereby asserts, as an equal governing institution, that all such acts by the president of the United States are null & void. The House of Representatives further asserts that no federal department, federal official or employee is authorized to appropriate any taxpayer dollars in furtherance of any unconstitutional act by the President of United States.”

So now the house of representatives CAN assert its power and get back in the game of protecting and speaking for the true governors of this Republic … those who they rightfully serve … the people. This doesn’t require impeachment (which they cannot find the nads to do anyway), this is simply an assertion by the House of Representatives – whether Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate or Barry and his administration like it or not – that the House of Representatives is declaring null and void presidential acts that are done in violation of the Constitution, usurp Article One of the Constitution, and eviscerate the separation of powers under the Constitution.

obamacare-tyranny1[1]I can tell you this, if congress sits back and allows for a complete authoritarian takeover of this nation without so much as a whimper, then the only conclusion that is reasonable is “Traitors One & All !!!”



There you go boys …


SheilaSheila Zilinsky is a TLB Contributor and Sr. Admin of a TLB project website. She can be heard every Thursday on

“The Weekend Vigilante Show”


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