The FDA Forbids Labelling Non-GM Salmon

When the FDA approves genetically modified salmon, you would think that it would, at least, be possible to avoid it. Certainly, any producer of non-GM salmon would be sure to label it, since the vast majority of people want to know. However, in the Monsanto-controlled FDA, what the people want has little to do with what they get. The agency will not allow foods to be labeled as non-genetically engineered, and excuses are as absurd as can be imagined.

The FDA’s Claims

Only Following the Law

The FDA claims that there is no material difference between genetically engineered foods and their natural counterparts. Apparently, the inclusion of genes from other species in every single cell in the organism doesn’t amount to a “material difference” in their deliberations.

So, the FDA says that they’re only trying to follow the law that makes misleading labels illegal.

Public’s Dumb As a Rock

Then, there’s the “public is dumb as a rock” pretext. This line of thinking says that the public would be confused by labels on non-genetically engineered foods. According to David Edwards of the Biotechnology Industry Organization:

Extra labeling only confuses the consumer. It differentiates products that are not different. As we stick more labels on products that don’t really tell us anything more, it makes it harder for consumers to make their choices.

This is the most insulting claptrap imaginable—but when you don’t have the truth on your side, any rationale will do.

The Real Reason

The FDA is on the verge of approving genetically engineered salmon. To do so, it must rule that it isn’t materially different from regular salmon. The fact that it grows at an enormously increased rate doesn’t seem to matter. The fact that it has genes from other species doesn’t make any difference to them. The fact that it hasn’t been tested on the public doesn’t matter. The fact that it hasn’t been independently tested doesn’t matter.

To appease their Agribusiness masters, the FDA will approve it. Then, they’ll go after any salmon seller that makes the truthful claim that their fish has not been genetically engineered. So, we will have no way of knowing what we’re eating.

This isn’t new. In 2002, the FDA sent letters to six natural foods manufacturers warning them that they must change labels stating their products were free of genetically modified foods. The companies decided that they couldn’t fight the FDA, so withdrew the labeling. Interestingly, the FDA claimed that they were not “warning letters”, but that they “simply reference how the companies label their products”. Up is down, left is right, and there’s no difference between GM and non-GM foods.

Why the FDA Acts Against the People

How is this happening? Why is the FDA so servile to Agribusiness? The answer is quite simple: The FDA is run by Agribusiness. Michael R. Taylor is the current Deputy Commissioner for Foods. From 1998 through 2001, he was the Vice President for Public Policy at Monsanto. He is now the person responsible for seeing to it that Africa is opened up to the genetically-engineered seed business and chemicals for large-scale farming.

Taylor worked as an attorney for the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in the 70s. He went to work as a private attorney in the 80s, when he represented Monsanto. He was the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for Policy from 1991 to 1994. During that time, the FDA approved Monsanto’s genetically modified growth hormone, and denied the right to accurately label non-hormone using milk products. Although he was investigated for the obvious conflict of interest, he slipped free—free to continue the rampage on the public’s health and rights.

Shortly before his appointment as the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for Foods, Taylor was a Senior Fellow at Resources for the Future, a Washington DC-based think tank. While there, he published two Rockefeller Foundation-funded documents promoting US aid for a green revolution in Africa.

The Rockefeller Foundation funded the so-called Green Revolution in Asia, especially India, which has been a dismal failure for the people, but a great success for Agribusiness corporations like Monsanto. Green Revolution can be thought of as code for Genetic Engineering and Rampage Against Nature. The Foundation is eager to repeat the process in Africa—and they have their man, Taylor, well placed to help make it happen.

With a man like Michael R. Taylor at the head of the Food division of the Food and Drug Administration, it’s obvious that the organization cannot function as a representative of the people. It operates for the benefit of Agribusiness—and it doesn’t matter what the cost to the people might be. As seen in India, the people’s land can be destroyed by Agribusiness. Their water can be stolen by Agribusiness. They can be forced into poverty by being pressured into purchasing Monsanto’s seeds, with the result of becoming indebted and virtually enslaved for the rest of their lives.

Obviously, Taylor and his handlers are trying to usher in a Green Revolution in the United States. But, they’re fearful of the people, so they’re not willing to allow the public to know what’s happening. They have crushed free speech by denying the right of people to be informed about the foods they eat. They’re crushing small naturally-based producers and suppliers like local health food stores. Their control of the people’s food sources and health is near complete.

Are You Going to Let It Happen?

The only question is whether the people really are as dumb as Taylor and his cohorts seem to believe. Will the people stand for this abrogation of their rights and their health? Or will they speak out and resist?

Thomas Jefferson said:

If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.

Benjamin Rush, another signator to the Declaration of Independence, said:

Unless we put medical freedom into the consitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship.

They were right.

It’s up to each and every one of us. Please, write to your Congressperson and Senator. Write to the President and say that you won’t accept this. Genetically modified foods must be banned. While on the market, they must be labeled. The people must have the freedom to choose the sources of their food and the suppliers must have the freedom to make health claims for their products without the interference of the FDA—or the USDA or the Federal Trade Commission or local enforcers for these agencies.

Write letters to the editor. Speak out to your friends; let them know what’s happening and what we’re all so close to losing.

We need the right of choice in foods and health care. The government’s and business’s rights stop where ours begin. Those need to be written into the Bill of Rights.

Genetically engineered corn, soy, and salmon are just the start, unless we stop them.

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8 Comments on The FDA Forbids Labelling Non-GM Salmon

  1. So it’s come to this. The agencies that were once charged with keeping us safe are now employed to deceive us. This is ‘regulatory capture’ at it’s worst.

  2. If there is nothing different, doesn’t that invalidate their patent? Don’t you have to PROVE something is different in order to get a patent? And if these fish mate with others, will they claim through their patent that they ‘own’ all fish? As Monsanto sued that farmer whose seed corn was naturally reproduced partially with Monsanto product by accident?

  3. As a customer I will go on strike and not buy the salmon or any product that does not inform me of its true detailed chemicals. And I hope others will do the same. This is the only way companies will listen. But not enough is said in the media and the naive do not know.

  4. On the face of it, such a ban violates the First Ammendment of the Constitution. To say nothing of shredding the FDA’s legitimacy.

  5. How is having the correct labels confusing the consumer. By not labeling the product of its origin, main ingredients, etc. Their just trying to be deceitful as possible. If you can read, you can make the right decisions on what kind of food to purchase. Stop treating Americans as sheeps.

  6. Are there any lawyers with ethics reading this post? If so, please take this up to the top as this a clear violation of the constitution on more than one amendment level. We do need to act know before these single minded evil people take complete control over our health and choices.

  7. If that is the way the FDA are going to play it then I guess I’ll not be eating any more salmon. Period. It’s bad enough they are going to approve it, but to forbid labeling is unethical, dishonest etc etc…it’s just unbelievable they can get away with it. Sad. Depressing.

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