The Global Elite are as Serious as a Heart Attack

by Ralph Ely | TLB Staff

Now as never before the 1% Global Power Elite are stepping up their game to secure total Control of the world economy and its citizens. After being herded here like cattle, we are standing on the edge of a cliff that is about to start crumbling due to the enormous weight of humanity. Or to put it another way… we are about to become a world of  “the Haves and Have Nots.”

Henry Kissinger depop insert

This is very clear when we consider the Bilderberg meeting  and Agenda being held and discussed this week in Dresden Germany, where one of the major considerations is “the predicament of the middle class.” Right in the thick of it are some familiar names: former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, Intl. Monetary Fund Dir. Christine Lagarde and a host of German Government Ministers. Click here for a complete list of Bilderberg 2016 participants.

To keep things in perspective as to how we have arrived at where we are today… or why we feel like “a frog in a blender”… lets look back to 2009:

Credit: x2436ab

Now that we have that insight offered by the late Aaron Russo (said to have been assassinated by the CIA for talking) we get to the bottom line for the NWO/1%/Globalist… and that is Population Control and Depopulation. Who better to talk about that than the “cult leader” of the “Me Society”, Bill Gates:

Credit: Don Haze

And right in the middle of it all, of course, the name David Rockefeller comes to mind. Watch as he Speaks about Human Population Control and the United Nations:

Credit: Universal Evolution

So you see “Mr. and Mrs. Citizen of the World, you are the Problem. “They” have to take Action. The Solution is to put you in “the blender” with all of the other frogs and keep your life whirring around out of control, giving them Control over who lives, who dies. Again the “creation” of the Haves vs. the Have Nots.

Remember the “Control” takes many forms: Toxins in the Air, Food, Water, Vaccinations, EMF Radiation, Economic Collapse, Perpetual War and Political Tyranny. No matter what your opinion about Activism or about which one of the above stated Controls is more important than the other, all of this needs to stop and those perpetuating these Criminal Assaults on Humanity must be held accountable. That is our Bottom Line. We know their Bottom Line. As our Title says: “The Global Elite are as Serious as a Heart Attack”


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